Republic of Schruįhka

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Republic of Schruįhka
Schiitz Republic Flag.png

Kusær Svülla, Ropper
Baba O'riley
North America
Capital citySchiitzberg
Largest cityDrawbridge (Schiernig)
Official language(s)Schruįhkish
Official religion(s)Brickism, The Church of Peen (Peenism), Þikism (Thiccism)
DemonymSchruįhkan, Schiitzer
- DiarchJitt
- DiarchRigga
Area claimed19.4m²
Population2 (2017 census)
CurrencySchiit (ƻ) (Subdivision; Thicc {þ})
National sportBrick Tossing
National animalBrick
This nation is a member of the 2015 Phrygian Conventions

Government website

The Republic of Schruįhka, also known as the Schiitz Republic, is a micronation founded on August 18, 2015. Located on certain portions of the San Francisco Bay (known by the locals of the republic as the "Greater Inner Drakes Bay"), it is home to a variety of many different ecosystems and wildlife. It is a major exporter of seaglass, fish, birds, and tires. The nation is divided into 6 provinces; Heronia, Edene (Edín), Tonersfatik, Koiterspig, Akhgarin, and Sunolia.