The Republic of Medolvia

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Update as of March 9, 2019

The Republic of Medolvia has changed it's official name to the Greater Medolvian Republic as part of internal political reforms, which were a result of our leave from anf the dissolution of the Global Micronational Alliance. The Microwiki page name with stay the same as it cannot be changed, but do note that the country is no longer known by Republic of Medolvia.


The Greater Medolvian Republic is a micronation founded out of Monroe, Washington, USA. It is a Constitutional Republic based and founded on ideals similar to the Republican Party of the USA, but with a more nationalist ideal. It believes in equality for all. Equal rights, equal treatment, equal respect. But that is not to be mistaken with socialism, in which this micronation seriously opposes. The Greater Medolvian Republic also believes in earning your keep. If you work, you earn money. With that money, you can buy things for yourself, or choose to help others. Medolvia supports a society of individual choice and beliefs.


The Greater Medolvian Republic was founded out of Monroe, Washington, USA. by an anonymous man who goes by the name "President JoJoke" online. It was founded to create a truly free country in which people can prosper and work for themselves, while not being oppressed by fake news sources and hate groups.

Politics and Laws

The government is currently run by the Nationalist Republican Party of Medolvia, but is a democratic government, meaning many more democratic parties can be founded and challenge to current political beliefs and potential corruption, and right wrongs if such problems need fixing. The country is spearheaded by the policies instated by the New Constitution of the Greater Medolvian Republic, which can be found on the official Greater Medolvian Republic website. The current President is President JoJoke (not his real name, but the name he goes by online) and he has been president since the nation's conception on November 30, 2018.


Official Website:

Please Note!

This MicroWiki page has been created by President JoJoke to provide as an information repository for our potential and current citizens, and others involved. Thank you, President JoJoke.