The Republic of Malinovia

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Republic of Malinovia

Qui non derelicti sunt (Latin: No one left out)
Pulsu meridie

Capital city Adillon
Largest city Adillon
Official language(s) English, French, Malinovian
Official religion(s) Christianity, Atheism
Short name Malinovia
Demonym Malinovian
Government Presidenial
- President Aydan Dillon
- Prime Minister Brycen Dillon
Legislature Grand Parliament
Established 3 April, 2018
Area claimed 1530m²
Population 12 (as of Dec 2018 census)
Currency Platine
Time zone UTC-06:00 (05:00)
National sport Football/Soccer
National dish Oven Roasted Chicken
National animal Gazelle
Territory consists of the President's bedroom along with his brother's bedroom, an unused room, and a bedroom in his summer home.


The Republic of Malinovia (Malinovian: Мешнева (Meshneva) is a micronation located in Pensacola, FL, founded on April 3, 2018. It's president, Aydan Dillon, is an unknown micronationalist and author. He has written many books, including Proclaiming The Realm, a nonfiction story detailing the troubles micronationalists face while starting a country, and the challenges they must overcome while running it.


The name Malinovia comes from the name of Soviet military commander and defense minister, Rodion Malinovsky.


Malinovia is a culturally and historically enriched country. There are many key events that led to the development of modern Malinovia.



Image of the Government House in Adillon, Malinovia.

Adillon is the 1st major city of Malinovia; as well as the nation's capital. Located in western Florida, it has a population of 5. The city was founded on April 3, 2018 as "Eglin" but was later renamed to "Adillon" because it matched the first initial, last name of the nation's first president, Aydan Dillon.


Kuscoos is the second major city of Malinovia. Located in southwest Washington, Kuscoos is the fallback location for a government forced out of Adillon. It was annexed from President Aydan's grandparent's country, the Calderon Kingdom. It is named after the North African grain "couscous".

Civil War


This situation came out of the re-election of incumbent president Aydan Dillon, A member of the Republican Party of Malinovia. Not only did the Democratic Party not have the presidential office, they also didn't have a parliamentary majority, meaning they virtually had little to no control over the laws passed in Parliament. So, the DP created an army and seized control of Adillon. The Republican government was forced to escape to Kuscoos.

Battle of Kuscoos

The battle of Kuscoos was the first major battle of the war, when the DP launched their first attack on the backup city of Kuscoos on November 2, 2018. The Republican Government held off the attack, as the DP wasn't used to the abnormally cold climate and large amount of mountains.

Battle of Adillon

The Battle of Adillon was the second major battle of the war, when DP forces learned that their generals were telling them false facts to continue hostilities against the RA. Democratic forced plunged themselves into a conflict with their own commanders, causing the DP to almost collapse.

2nd Battle of Adillon

The 2nd Battle of Adillon was the third major battle of the war, when President Aydan learned that the DP forces were weakened. The RA launched a suprise attack on 3 December, 2018, bringing the DP army to a state of collapse.


The DP surrendered to the RA on 4 December, 2018. A treaty was drafted and signed in Kuscoos. The terms were:

  • The DP must rejoin the Grand Parliament.
  • The DP will pay $300 per month for six months.

2nd Civil War

The media has been pressing for information about the second Malinovian Civil War, but the government keeps it confidential.

Other Events

The FMFA (Fédération Micronationale de Futbol Association) was founded by the Malinovian government on 17 December, 2018. They uploaded a video on their YouTube channel about the establishment, hoping to reach the goal of 8 member nations by February.

Government and Politics

Government System

Presidential republic, with small parliamentary influence. In this case, the President has many powers, but the Parliament also has the authority to carry out some of these duties.

Political Parties

  • Republican (Right-wing)
  • Democratic Party (Left-wing)
  • Socialist Party (Left-wing)
  • Fascist Party (Right-wing)

    Law and Order

    Copyright Law

  • Use of the flag or other national symbols in a YouTube video or other media sharing methods without permission is punishable by a copyright strike.
  • Any photos of Malinovia are copyrighted unless the photo is taken by the individual wishing to use the photo.
  • Any excerpts of text, and/or clips of videos, are copyrighted if they contain media that originates in Malinovia. Domestic use is determined by the author.
  • Music made in Malinovia is Creative Commons to outsiders, but domestic use is controlled by the artist.

    Foreign Relations



    The Soldiers of the South (SOS) is the land combat branch of the Malinovian Armed Forces, and consists of around 40 men, who wears camo battle-dress uniforms.


    SOS's equipment is surprisingly strong by micronational standards, consisting of 40 Airsoft rifles for infantry units and tennis ball launchers for commandos. The Malinovian government is also funding the SOS's efforts of developing a small tank capable of firing smoke bomb and/or non-lethal grenades.

    Air Force

    The Planes of the South (POS) is the air branch of the Malinovian Armed Forces. It consists of 2 drones, 1 for photography and 1 for dropping smoke bombs. It's personnel is around 15.


    The Sailors of the South (2SOS) is the sea branch of the Malinovian Armed Forces. It consists of 2 inflatable rafts, 2 inflatable kayaks, a normal kayak, and a canoe. Personnel is around 60.

    Geography and Climate




    Image of the Michael Jackson Memorial and Monument to the Malinovian Navy sitting on their permanent location, the top of the President's desk.

    Michael Jackson Memorial

    The Michael Jackson Memorial was a Michael Jackson bobblehead gifted to President Aydan on Christmas of 2017. He soon made it a national monument and declared "Michael Jackson Day" on June 25, the day of his death.

    Monument to the Malinovian Navy

    The Monument to the Malinovian Navy was a model of the British warship H.M.S. Victory (right) that President Aydan purchased in Seaside, OR. Dedicated to the active service members and vessels of the Malinovian Navy.


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