Malik Empire

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Malik Empire
Flag of the Malik Empire.PNGFlagCoA of the Malik Empire.pngCoat of Arms

Noli surgere ad dormienti leo (Latin: Don't wake a sleeping lion)
Capital city Malinkis (de facto)
Largest city Malinkis
Official language(s) English, Malik
Official religion(s) None (due to freedom of speech)
Short name Malinka
Demonym Malik
Government Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
- Emperor Aydan I
- Prime Minister Dante Molina
- Governor-general Aiyana B. Williams
Currency Kosta
Time zone UTC-6 (CST)
National animal Alligator

The Malik Empire (Malik: Mälïk Ïmpër), better known as simply Malenka, is a micronation located at a high school in Pensacola, Florida, United States. Founded on 24 June, 2019, it has it's own currency, stamps, and genuine independence movement.

The Malik Empire's initial land claim.


The name "Malik Empire" was chosen at random when the nation was founded in June 2019. This term was invented and coined by Emperor Aydan I.


The Malik Empire came to prominence on 24 June, 2019, when a group of schoolmates declared a section of their school as their empire. During this time, Aydan I remained the sole citizen and governing body of the new nation. He recruited a few friends and appointed Sir Dante Molina as Prime Minster, and Lady Aiyana Billiot Williams as Governor-general.


The government type is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy.

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