Republic of Iska Akaliazen

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Republic of Iska Akaliazen
İska Akaliazenskmald (Anatolish)
Flag of Iska Akaliazen
Coat of arms of Iska Akaliazen
Coat of arms
"Mek vivu Anatoli!"
"Long live Anatolia!"
Map of Iska Akaliazen
Map of Iska Akaliazen
and largest city
Official languagesAnatolish, Turkish (lingua franca)
Ethnic groups (2020)%91 Anatolian, %6 Circassian, %3 Macedonian
LegislatureIskar (The People)
Semi-indepence from the Republic of Turkey İska Akaliazen, bir mikroulus projesidir, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti toprak bütünlüğüne saygı duyar ve Türkiye Cumhuriyeti toprağı üzerinde ciddi bir iddiası yoktur.
• Total
0.00008 km2 (3.1×10−5 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
CurrencyIska Dollar, Lira (₺) (ISD, TL)
Time zoneTRT
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+90

The Republic of Iska Akaliazen (Anatolish: İska Akaliazenskmald, Turkish: Iska Akaliazen Cumhuriyeti) is a micronation. Its microcode is IA. It claims to be the successor of ancient Anatolian civilizations. It's government was established in 2018, on some of İzmir, Düzce, Bilecik and Eskişehir. The government of Iska Akaliazen welcomes new citizens.


In Anatolish, "Iska Akaliazen" translates to "State of the people" or "The People's State", "Iska" meaning "People" and "Akaliazen" meaning "State". Normally, "People's state in Anatolish would be Iska eşx Akaliazen, but for simplicity, it is referred to officially as Iska Akaliazen.

List of the exonyms (in random order)
Language Name of Iska Akaliazen
Flag of Turkey.png Turkish İska Akaliazen
Flag of Adyghea.png Circassian Aкалиазэний Иска (Âkaliazeniy Yiska)
Flag of Saudi Arabia.png Arabic أكاليزن يسك (Akaliazin Yisku)
Flag of England.png English Iska Akaliazen
Flag of France.png French L’İska des Akaliazens
Flag of Italy.png Italian L'İska degli Akaliziani
Flag of Lazistan.png Laz Akaliazenepeşi İska
Flag of Azerbaijan.png Azeri Akaliazenlər İskası
Flag of Kurdistan.png Kurdish Îskaya Akalîazenan
Flag of Japan.png Japanese イスカのアカリアゼン (Isuka no Akariazenu)
Flag of Mongolia.png Mongolian Искагийн Акалиазен (Iskagiin Akaliazyen)
Flag of Esperanto.png Esperanto Akaliazen de Iska
Flag of Iran.png Persian آکالایزن ایسکا (Akealaazen Aasekea)
Flag of South Korea.png Korean 이스카 야카리아젠 (Iseuka Yakaliajen)

Government, politics and military

The Iskaan government is a democratic republic, and elections are regularly held. Iska Akaliazen strictly goes against military conflict.

Administrative divisions

Name Flag Year of foundation Citizens
Lepistes 2018 26
Prusias 2018 2
Swadion Swadion.png 2018 2


Iska Akaliazen has adopted the ancient Anatolian culture, along with several different cultures from Anatolia, such as the Turkish and Circassian cultures.


Each year, 18th of March is celebrated as "Anatolian Unity Day".

Iska Akaliazen wants to participate in Eurovision Song Contest.

Official languages

The official languages of Iska Akaliazen are Anatolaglos and Turkish. Circassian and Esperanto are some languages that are spoken and request recognition, but because every decision is made by the will of the people, they are yet to be accepted in a referandum.


The education in Iska Akaliazen closely matches the Turkish system. It is a state-supervised system designed to produce a skillful professional class for the social and economic institutes of the nation.

Compulsory education lasts 12 years. Primary and secondary education is free of charge in public schools, between the ages of 6 and 18. Secondary or high school education is not mandatory but required in order to then progress to universities. At Anatolian Universities (Anatolaglos: Anatoli Üniversiti), entrance is regulated by a national examination, after which high school graduates are assigned to university according to their performance.



The country got it's first land in August 2018 and established it's government on Eskişehir and İzmir provinces of Turkey in September 2018. Founder of the nation is Alexandr Katswich.


Some parts of Eskişehir, Düzce, Bilecik joined in 2019. Capital city moved to Lepistes.

Foreign relations

General Look

Iska Akaliazen is a part of The Trident Alliance and It's recognized by Peace of Micronations at 6 December 2018, Federal Republic of New Potato Land at 26 January 2019, and Bagrohv at 12 February 2019. Also recognized by and has friendship pacts with Kaiserland and The Federative State of Hisar in 2019. In 2020, Iska Akaliazen made friendship pacts with Yelakistan (People's Yelaki Republic) and Belcity.

Territories recognised by Iska Akaliazen as Sovereign and Independent

Micronations recognised by Iska Akaliazen


Using Iska Dollar as a currency.


The CGSC level of Iska Akaliazen is 2.2