The Republic of Divasa

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The Divasan Republic was an internet roleplay micronation founded by Commander-in-Chief Jeb Joseph Watson and The Country's prominent member a_420_is_a_boat in July 2018. It was created shortly after the collapse of The Country, Divasa's Predecessor, which in turn was created as an experiment to form a country a month before.

Due to the reboot of Divasa on 1 November 2018, the Divasan Republic was dissolved that same day.


Early months

After The Country's collapse, a different setup was established just a day later, it didn't take too much time to decide the name, currency, and animal via poll, the country Divasa was born, and now it was a task for the community to make it run.

The first parties were made: The Social Democratic Labor Party, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Patriotic Workers Coalition, the United Workers Party and the Vanguard Party, the choices were much, but not too different, most of the parties were left-wing oriented, ranging from Social Democrat to Anarcho-Syndicalist, with exceptions like the PWC, a right-wing populist party or the Libertarian Party, who was both liberal and libertarian based on his members.

Then, the factions were made: A system of players that had influence in the elections but they didn't participate directly, it was confirmed by the Paers, the Divasan minority, the 1%, the nobility of the country, the Campesinos, an antithesis of the 1%, farmers and workers of land, the military, the body of defense of the nation and the Church of Zoboo, a theocratic organization with the Head Priest as the leader.

Days passed, and the parties list was expanded: The Conservative Democratic Front, the National Renewal Bloc, the Divasa National Congress, the Falangist Party and the Divasa National Party, Divasa was now a nation with multiple political flavors, Right, Center and Left were established all over the country.

An election was announced, so the first alliances were made: The Patriot Pact, with the Falangist Party as the leader, the Democratic Alliance, a fusion of the Conservative Democratic Front and the Divasa National Front, that later would form along with the Divasa National Congress and the Libertarian Party the Democratic Coalition, a electoral alliance made to surpass the 5 Member rule to run in the elections and finally the collaboration between the UWP and the VP, in an attempt to recreate the Revolutionary Front from The Country.

First Election: The Provisional Government


Divasan Republic

Back Unbowed, Knees Unbent
Capital cityRepublica
Largest cityRepublica
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Zobooism
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
- VicePresidentPacMan1905
- PresidentParnupoiss
LegislatureDivasan Parliament
Established22 July 2018
Population175 (actual)
24.000.000 (October 2018, virtual)
Time zone
National animalw:Wolf
Divasa was an independent nation after separating from Svergia