Republic of Dayane

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The Republic of Dayane

Hail our gracios leader
For Dayane
Nebraska, United States
Capital cityDayane City
Largest cityDayane City
Official language(s)American English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameDayane
DemonymDayanean or Dayer
GovernmentSemi Democratic Constitutional Parliamentary System
Area claimed0
Population163 (and growing)
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
Time zoneCentral Time
National sportBasketball
National animalDeer
Patron saintBilly Graham
This nation is the chair of the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism

The Republic of Dayane is a sovereign microstate, more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, surrounded completely on all sides by the US state of Nebraska. It was founded on 22 June 2015. After it's economy collapsed in early 2018 the country eventually dissolved. However, it was brought back in early 2020.


The name Dayane's origins remain unknown today.

It is thought that the name originated by the name of its leader, Daniel. However, the factual accuracy over this fact is disputed.


Law and order

Judicial decisions are decided by a judge based on the 2 fundamental laws of Dayane. The Dayane Police Force currently enforces all laws and bills.

Foreign relations

Dayane's government has considered declaring cold war on "all communist micronations" and has publicly encouraged all who "have an opinion on the matter to post their opinion" on the "Analysis and Opinion" subforum of the MicroWiki Forums website. Due to this, Dayane founded the Assembly of Micronations Against Communism (AMAC). The Free Empire of Highland joined Dayane in AMAC, and after most of the nations went inactive, the Timonoucite Empire joined. Dayane and the alliance also hope to eliminate terrorism and Nazism in not just micronations but also nanonations and macronations.


Dayane is currently training and equipping The National Dayanean Militia (NDM) in case of further involvement in AMAC. Dayanean officials have stated that Dayane's arsenal and the strength of the new military is "every day getting stronger" and they are "now even more confident in the success of their probable future war." The NDM consists of 53 personnel.


As Dayanean businesses are starting to bloom, the stock market is starting to see life. Insurance companies and law firms are opening in the country along as many businesses are becoming companies and corporations. The economy has a very bright future even though as of now it is very small and humble. The USD is currently used as the official currency in Dayane. This might change as Dayane’s economy grows and the wealth of the nation provides the recourses needed to sustain the production and upkeep of a new monetary system.


Playing recreational sports is a very common pastime among citizens of Dayane. Basketball is very popular in Dayane among the male population. The female population of Dayane primarily enjoys volleyball. Barbecue is a central part of Dayanean cuisine, inherited from Dayane's presence in the Midwest region of the United States. Dayane has a young population and many of the residents are active on social media and enjoy going to concerts and parties. Dayanean citizens are very racially diverse and racism has never been a problem in the country.


There are three main media companies in Dayane.