The Republic of Andersonia

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Republic of Andersonia
Motto: Яåstvå Kæяеяæ
(Kare: Onward Karera)
Anthem: "Anderson, a name we uphold"
and largest city
Other languagesSingaporean English,Singaporean Chinese, Kare
Establishment5th July 2018 (as Karera)
August 2018 (as the Republic of Andersonia)
CurrencySingapore Dollars S$ Anderson Dollars A$
Time zoneUTC+8
Calling code+65, +865

The Republic of Pejaten (Indonesian: Republik Pejaten) is a micronation located in south Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established in 2018 by the Preparatory Committee for the Republic of Pejaten.

Pejaten was historically known as the United Southeast Asian States, which was first established as the United Indonesian States of Sapu Lidi, which was a regional power in Indonesia and the micronational world.[citation needed]

Pejaten's Popularity came from the former USAS, which was also a popular micronation ever since Micronation Hub .


Andersonia's former flag, Image1.jpg came from the logo of a company Javen L. made (Chuaner) File:Airairair.jpg (Chuaner Plane)

Politics and Government

Andersonia is quite a peaceful country so the government mainly focuses on leisure and entertainment for its citizens

Administrative Divisions


Flag Name Capital Demonym
N/A Pridesayng Karska Pridesaynger
File:Newcastle.jpg New Eastern Territory Newcastle Neweasterner
N/A Southern Mayspring N/A Southernmayspringer

Singaporean Regional Territories

Name Capital Demonym
Yishun Territory Canberra Yishuner
Woodlands Territory La Casa Woodlander

Asian Overseas Territory

Flag Name Capital Demonym
File:Newmacau1.png New Macau New Lantau New Macauer