Republic of Convexia

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The Republic Of Convexia
Convexia.pngCoat of arms convexia.png

Dues Victorium
The National Anthem Of Convexia
Capital cityEvansville
Official language(s)English, Russian, Italian, Spanish
Official religion(s)Atheism, Christianity
Short nameConvexia
GovernmentPresidental Republic
- PresidentJoshua Heinrich
- Vice PresidentJay Clover I
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established23 April 2019
Population4 Census in April 2019
CurrencyConvexian Dollar
Time zoneEST/EDT
National sportBaseball
National dishPizza
National drinkBeer
National animalBald Eagle
National exportFirearms


The Republic of Convexia was founded by Joshua Heinrich on 23, April 2019


The name Convexia comes from the president's Discord and Steam name Convex


The Republic of Convexia was founded in 1995 when Joshua Heinrich, the founder of the RoC, came across a shallow unclaimed underwater area in the Caribbean Sea. He then filed a claim with the United Nations to the settlement. Heinrich raised a $100 million from investors from all over the world, with a majority coming from the United States. The social model and trade system is hyper-capitalistic, modeled after the writings of Ayn Rand, Napoleon Hill, Robert Heinlein, Dale Carnegie, and Adam Smith. The tiny nation has a clinic better than the Mayo Clinic, a casino modeled after the Monte Carlo Casino, and "the ultimate luxury spa". Residents live in one of the 642 apartments and condominiums that have been built. It would is a tax haven, with all services paid for by a 20% tax on imported consumable goods. In 2015, the Capital, then known as Veritopia, was renamed to Evansville, named after the Convexia General Charles Edgar Evans, who defended the National Harbor from pirates, commonly believed to have been sent by Cloverzem.


Government and Politics

Political Parties

The following are the Political Parties of The Cloverzemic Realm

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament


Citizenship and Entry

Convexia has a strict Policy on Citzenship, if you don’t apply for Visa or Citizen, you risk Deportation (Kicked From Server).

Convexia has 4 Types of Citizenship Choices

  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Temporary Visa
    • 6 Month
    • 3 Month
    • 1 Month
    • 3 Weeks
    • 2 Weeks
    • 1 Week
  • Full Citzenship
  • Observer

Citizenship Application is here ===>

Law and Order

Many different crimes can be punished differently under capital punishment and can span from community service to temporary or permanent exile. In Convexia, all accused are innocent until proven guilty. The accused will be provided a defense attorney if one cannot afford one and whether he or she is guilty will be decided by a jury of up to seven citizens. The Accused will stand in court in front of a judge, if he is proven guilty, can appeal to a higher court such as the Supreme Court or the Microcourt there, if found guilty He/She will be jailed.

Crime Families

Convexia Houses The Only Crime family in micro nations, they are the Corozzo Crime Family, out of Vice President' Jay Clover's GMOD Community National Task Force Police Rp. they are a division of the Gambino Crime Family (disclaimer we are not criminals, just in a game.) The Corozzo Crime Family has 7 members 1 boss, ! consigliere ,1 underboss, 3 Capos,1 soldier


Hospitals and Healthcare

Administrative Regions

Name Flag Capital
Royal Residence BepistanRoyalFlag.png N/A
Evansville Placeholder.png N/A

Government Departments

The Republic has more than a dozen departments which are used to fulfill different purposes in the country of Cloverzem. The departments are accountable for managing a certain part of a country, such as Immigration,Homeland Security, Agriculture , Environmental Protection, Health and Labor.

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal Recognition

Does Not Recognize


Geography and Climate

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
22 July Vice Presidents Day A day commemerating one of the first head of the Cloverzem Government
31 October Halloween Natural American holiday
24 December Christmas Eve Day before Christmas
25 December Christmas Day Day Commemorating Jesus
31 December New Years Eve Day Before New Years
1 January New Years Day First day of the new year
7 January Presidents Day Day Commemorating the President
23 April Independence Day The Day the Republic was founded



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