The Reichstag of Lakewood

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The New Serwatkan Imperium, takes place in the framework of a unitary constitutional monarchy, whereby the Kaiser of Lakewood is the head of state and the Chancellor of the Reichstag is the head of government. Power is mainly vested in the Office of Kaiser and Chancellor.

Political developments

New Serwatkan Imperium is a constitutional monarchy where the legislature serves as the voice of the people to the Kaiser of Lakewood.



The 2018 Federal Constitution of Lakewood established a flexible framework which allowed the New Serwatkan Imperium to develop from inside out, contrary to what had been done in the past. The Imperium has since counted on a very strong executive branch.

Head of State

LakewoodFlag.jpg Kaiser of Lakewood LakewoodFlag.jpg
New Serwatkan Imperium
Lord Paul Serwatka
Formation: 25 December 2018
Term length: For life
Inaugural holder: Lord Paul Serwatka

Head of Government

LakewoodFlag.jpg Chancellor of Lakewood LakewoodFlag.jpg
New Serwatkan Imperium
Sir Stephen Tarzian
Formation: 25 December 2018
Term length: For life
Inaugural holder: Sir Stephen Tarzian


The Reichstag

The Reichstag is the legislative core in the New Serwatkan Imperium. It is made up up of appointed representatives which hold the title of "Consul". The majority holder and therefore the party in government is the Lakewood Monarchist Party. Sir Stephen Tarzian is the current Chancellor. General elections are traditionally held in early November every 5 years and the parliament holds 15 seats as of 2018. The number of seats in the Reichstag are subject to change because of the exponential expansion in borders.

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