The Ratican Empire

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The Ratican Empire is a Micronation located in New York.

War of the River
Date5 February 2018 9 AM - Unknown
New York
Result Unknown

War of the River

At 9:00 AM Ratican time on 5 February, 2018, war broke out between The Ratican Empire, New Carthage, and New Carthage's allies in the Tomangan Republic. After some attempts at peace, The Ratican Empire had been forced to declare war and engaged a small fort with a garrison of six men who were promptly waited out till surrender.

The war started after several disputes between land, political sanctions, and soldiers. New Carthage made threats of invasion and use of military force to secure the border. After a poll, the Micronational Assembly agreed that the best option was to start the war in defense and commence an invasion of the two allied nations. The Ratican Empire rallied their troops and set out to recapture the border.

After two days a drone located an enemy base and flew back to Ratican base camp, also spotting a new contingent of recruits entering the enemy base. The Ratican troops attacked, destroying the guns and stealing the ammunition from the enemy base along with taking the new soldiers as prisoners to return them back to Carthage after the war in exchange for a new set of mp5 submachine guns. The Ratican Empire began making its first move on Tomanga by breaking their water access with a dam and breaking their windows to let in rain and air to distract them from the theft going on during that time. Ratican soldiers engaged the enemy, throwing empty bottles of soda and glass on the soldiers, dealing great damage to them morally and physically.