Protectorate of Lexton

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Protectorate Of Lexton
[[Kingdom of Lexton|]]

150pxEmplem Of The House Of Cake.jpg

"Forgive our enemy's but never forget their names"
March of the British Grenadiers
Capital cityLundy island
Largest cityLundy island
Official language(s)English Dutch Devonian
Official religion(s)Church of england protestant and atheism Roman Catholic
GovernmentTemporary Condinum of The House Of Cake
- King/QueenLevi newman
LegislatureAbsolute Monarchy
- Type - Unicameral
Established28 December 2011
Area claimedUnknown
Populationnone Population retain the right to remain British Citizens
Time zone(UTC)
National drinkHot chocolate
National animalPuffin
Patron saintSaint Petroc

The Protectorate was established on 24 September due to the absence of King Paul.

The House Of Cakes Involvement

The protectorate is not involved with the protectorate what so ever except in terms of defence, the house of cake rules with no government to hold it back. The house of cake has said that they will return to the government as soon as King Paul returns.