The Promised Lands

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The Promised Lands
—  Province  —

Nickname(s): Chason
Motto: Gúbrédh xhek, Nøgú siisz (Keep going, never give up)
Country Royal Empire of Copan
Region Inner Copan
Etrica Ancient
Founder Unknown
Provincial Chasonlond
 - Arch-Governor (Chief) Ru of Copan
Area code(s) CSN

The Promised Lands or "Chasonlond" is the smallest Administrative division in The People's Republic of Copan. The borders The Crossing Lands and The Motherlands. Chasonlond has been enhabated since ancient times by the Etrican tribe.


The name "Chasonlond" comes from middle copanic meaning "The land that belongs to Chason".

The name "The Promised Lands" comes from the Etrican people living in the Empire of Copan that told people of their "Promised Lands", being their homeland.

Classification and Government

Chasonlond is an administrative divison of Copan. It holds one seat in the national council.

Chasonlond is represented by the Chief of Chason, an inherrited title. The current Chief of Chason is Ru of Copan.

Administrative Divisions

Prefecture Name Capital Description
Vigan Vig The southern prefecture. Flat terrain. A few small to medium sized towns
Chaszan Chasz The northern prefecture, home to the only two cities in the province, Chasz and Szerm.


Chasonlond is all frigid plains, surrounded by hills creating a natural border with it's provincial neighbors.

Chasonlond is connected to the rest of Copan via the CPN-A12 Road