Principality of Wood Thrush

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The Principality of Wood Thrush is a micronation founded on May 12, 2009. Its founder and 3 others started in a small village which is now the capital of Omar.


The Principality of Wood Thrush was a simply fort planted by the current Prime Minister and King, Jon G. A few neighborhood friend help build the Principality into a busy state. It is based inside the City of Grand Rapids, MI. The Nation was named due to the large amount of wood thrushes in the area.


The current population as of April 1st was 35. 16 of the population are White-Thrushian. 12 are African-Thrushian. 5 are Asian-Thrushian. 3 are of 2 or more races. 100% of the population are 8 - 17. There were 25 households ( more commonly known as forts) in the micronation.

Cities, Towns, and Villages


Omar- Omar is the Capital and Largest city in The Principality of Wood Thrush. 12 live in the city. This is currently the only city with a bank, store and public trading post.

South Omar- More commonly know as the mini city, the current population is 5. There are no current cities, towns, or villages south of the city.

Baxter- Baxter is a small city just north of Omar. Its current population is 9, and the current Prime minister resides in this city.A store is being built and will soon be 1 of 2 cities to have a store. The city has been remodeled, so a new hotel will be put here.

Ivy-Rascall - This small hillside city is the only settlement of the Ivy Province. Currently with 4 residents, its is well known for having the best views. The city's known for its usage in baseball seating.


Maynard- Maynard is a small village and has only 3 current citizens, due to its small 1 block area. This is the only city with a private trading post and has the currency print factory.

Pheonix- A quiet retreat from the main places, this city is only accessible from a steep path. The city is know to of had many geocachers search for its treasure, but with no avail. The city has 3 residents.

Homeless Camps

There are 2 Homeless camp within the Baxter Province. Both quite close to each other, the current population is 8, which are not Citizens of Wood Thrush. The Town of Maynard divides the 2 camps, Labeled South Maynard and Johnston's Hill.


The current currency is the Skink. they come in 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 bank notes. There is a 50 cent bill know as a Skike. The Skink and Skike is only earned at the trading post, were you must trade items for the currency.


The Principality of Wood Thrush is located within the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are 3 provinces, The Omar Province, the Ivy Province and the Baxter Province. They all link to each other in the final shape of a macaroni noodle and each are located on each side of the hill. The total area of Wood Thrush is 7.14 acres. 1.67 acres the land is the Ivy Province, while 3.59 acres is part of the Baxter Province. The smallest province, at only 1.88 acres is the Omar Province. Located on a hillside, there is no permanent water source, though a small steam, known as Bradford Creek, is quite large during a large storm, getting to almost 37 in. in width.


0 Wood Trush.png

This is the first and current flag of the Principality of Wood Thrush. Made by Jon G.