The Principality of New Eiffel

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The Principality of New Eiffel (English)
Új Eiffel Fejedelemség (Hungarian)
Vorstedom van New Eiffel (Afrikaans)
New Eiffel Tumjc (New Eiffellian)
Æ Ryałtonist New/Eiffeł (Arabtemporaryian)
Vorstendom Nieuwe Eiffel (Dutch)
Teh Princeapalty Ov New Eiffel (LOLspeak)

New Eiffel Flag.jpeg
New Eiffel-Coat of arms.png
Coat of Arms

Mindig van Béke
"There is Always Peace"
Stand tall, New Eiffel
London, England
Capital city Új Repülő
Largest city New Leeds
Official language(s) English, Afrikaans, New Eiffellian
Ethnic groups 60% New Eiffelic
40% South African
Official religion(s) Anglican Christianity
Short name New Eiffel
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Prince Prince Zed I
- Prime Minister L. Smith
- Head Ster J. Heystek A. Smith
Legislature Parliament
Established January 1 2018 (As The Republic of New Finland)
Area claimed 81.468 square miles
Population 5 (2018)
Currency Pound Sterling, Monopoly Money, South African rand, Euro
National sport Rugbull
National animal National Red Fox
Domesticated Cat
Mythical Pegasus
Bird Carrion Crow
Fish Minnow
New Eiffel is the founder and member of New Eiffel Union of Micronations

New Eiffel officially The Principality of New Eiffel, formerly known as New Temporary and the Republic of New Finland, is a city state micronation located in northwestern Europe landlocked almost completely within London, England and the Presidential Republic of Livettree. New Eiffel is a constitutional monarchy with Prince Zed I as the head of state. It’s population is 5, however it has 14 citizens. It’s capital is Új Repülő and it’s largest city is New Leeds. New Eiffel has 3 official languages (English, Afrikaans, New Eiffellian), 2 national languages (Hungarian, Arabtemporarian), and 3 recognised minority languages (LOLspeak, Flemish, Dutch).


The name for New Eiffel comes from it’s old name New Finland, which came from the name of Newfoundland in Canada.

Official names

  • 1 January 2018– 2 March 2018: The Republic of New Finland
  • 2 March 2018– 4 June 2018: The United Democratic People’s Republic of New Finland
  • 4 June 2018– 11 August 2018: Kingdom of New Finland
  • 11 August 2018– 30 August 2018: Principality of New Temporary
  • 30 August 2018– Present: The Principality of New Eiffel


South African Era

The old flag of New Eiffel: the flag of the Republic of New Finland

New Eiffel was founded as a country project on 1 January 2018 originally called the Republic of New Finland located in South Africa.

There were originally nine residents living in the first claimed area of New Finland. New Finland adopted its first national flag on the day it was founded. The meaning of flag is unknown, however Prince Zed I belives it was meant to symbolise unity, since it has multiple colours on the left corner of the flag and it was based upon the South African Flag, which represents unity.

The Republic of New Finland became slightly inactive after late February. Prince Zed I, who was the president at the time, decided they needed to give New Finland a boost if it was ever going to became a major micronation. He was backed up by many of his citizens at the time. This lead to the Early days area.

Early days

Sometime in early March New Finland became located in London, England. New Finland was described as a struggling micronation by many citizens, with one even calling it an already failed state.

The Early days is considered one of the most important times in New Eiffel history. New Finland adopted a new flag and coat of arms. New Finland also adopted many national symbols, such as a national animal, and national anthem.

New Eiffel Civil War

A few days after New Eiffel changed it’s location, it was involved in a civil war when the Supreme General (Now known as the Minister of War) tried to overthrow the micronation.

The Supreme General announced that he declared war on his own country to try to gain control over the micronation. The Supreme General then attacked President Z. Wilhelmus J. Smith around five minutes after he declared war. He attacked the President in his office, the President then quickly grabbed a wooden sword and defended himself. The Supreme General then gave up.

As a result, the Supreme General became the Minister of War and had most of his power stripped to make sure nothing like this would ever happen again. He was also suspended from HRANE for fifteen days. Tighter security was also put in place.

Kingdom of New Finland


On 11 August 2018 the Kingdom of New Finland officially became a principality, and was renamed to the Principality of New Temporary. Prince Zed I called it a re-founding of the micronation, and installed a new government, which was stronger and better then the original. Prince Zed I and the government installed new laws, and made New Temporary’s online presence more well known.

New Temporary was later renamed to New Eiffel after the population voted for a new name.

Government and politics

The war flag of New Eiffel and logo of the HRANE

New Eiffel is called a ‘flawed democracy’, with Social Democracy being a popular ideology. Capitalism and Nationalism are also popular, with Communism also gaining recent popularity. Anarcho-capitalism could also have a shot in New Eiffel. Authoritarian socialism, Anarchy, and Swampism are very hated by most of the population in New Eiffel. Social Justice and LGTBQ+ rights are also highly debated, however LGBT people are still excepted.

Autocracy is a neutral topic in New Eiffel, which is surprising since Swampism and Authoritarian socialism are very hated inside of the country.

Being a principality, the current prince is Prince Zed I, who serves as the head of state. Prince Zed I will either serve until his death or stepping down by resigning. According to him, all of his known living relatives are next in line, weather they except it or not. The person who is next in-line may choose to serve or not. The head of state may resign when ever he wishes, however they must give a 30-day warning first.

J. Heystek A. Smith is the Minister of War and general of HRANE. He is responsible for commanding attacks and declaring war on other micronations or countries. The general still needs permission from the government and occasionally Prince Zed I though.

Political parties

A New Eiffel citizen voting at the 2018 New Eiffel Prime Minister Election

New Eiffel is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, with twenty-nine seats in parliament. There is one election every year in December for a new prime minister at any random date. Each election takes place in a different country or micronation. New Eiffel has seventeen political parties, and every citizen can register to vote. Each citizen gets three votes, and two ‘downvotes’. Every political party is allowed to get one seat in parliament, however if they get a negative number of votes by being downvoted, they wil get zero seats. Every citizen is required to vote at least once, with no required amount for downvoting.

There was a former party called the Socialist Yellow Party which got four votes in the 2018 New Eiffel Prime Minister Election, and was tied at third place with the New Eiffel Anti-Smoking Party.

The Socialist Yellow Party was dissolved on 24 December, one day before the end of the 2018 Prime Minister Election. In an interview, the leader of the Socialist Yellow Party stated “I dissolved the Socialist Yellow Party because I simply changed my political views. The Yellow Party will now be my main party.”

Party Name Flag[note 1] Code Position Colour(s) Seats
Socialist Scandinavian Party SSP-Flag.jpeg SSP Social Democracy White, Blue, Red
10 / 29
The Orange Party Orange Party Flag.jpeg XKA Absolute Democracy Orange
06 / 29
New Eiffel Anti-Smoking Party ASP Flag.jpeg ASP New Eiffel Democracy Absolute Zero, Silver, Peace
04 / 29
Pro-Subdivisions Political Party PSP-Flag.jpeg PSP Federation Grey, White, Pink
02 / 29
Communism Party of New Eiffel Communism New Eiffel.jpeg CPN Communism Gold, Red
02 / 29
Nationalist Party of New Eiffel Nationalist Party of New Eiffel-3.jpeg NAT Nationalism Yellow, Green
02 / 29
Red Party Communist-Flag New-Eiffel.jpeg RED Communism Red
01 / 29
Shrek Super Party SHREK-SUPA-PARTY.jpeg SHK Democratic Swampism Green, Yellow, Blue
01 / 29
Monarchy Party Flag of MOP—.jpeg MOP Absolute monarchy Gold, White
01 / 29
Traditional Party of the Republic of New Finland SA Area New Eiffel Flag.jpeg TPN Traditionalism Red, Green, Yellow, Dark Blue, Dark Orange
0 / 29
Independent L. Smith Party New Eiffel Flag.jpeg AOA Capitalism Blue, Red, Yellow
0 / 29
The No-Go Party White Flag.jpeg NGP Anarchy White, Orange
0 / 29
The Soviet Onion Party Swampism Logo.jpeg SRK Swampism Green, Red
0 / 29
Yellow Party Yellow Party Flag.jpeg JST Capitalism Yellow
0 / 29
New Eiffelic Free Market Anarcho-capitalism.png FMP Anarcho-capitalism Yellow, Black
0 / 29
Grand Libertarian Party DAB60989-D7B5-4449-B4BF-EF35B5BA73BC.jpeg GLP Libertarianism Green, White, Blue
0 / 29
LGBTQ+ Rights Party LGBTQ+RightsParty.png.jpeg LRP Social Justice Black, Purple, White, Yellow, Green, Brown, Red, Orange, Blue
0 / 29

Foriegn relations of New Eiffel

New Eiffel has little foreign with other micronations. New Eiffel is the founder of the organisation New Eiffel Union of Micronations, which has 13 member states.

New Eiffel has made a special trade deal with the Presidential Republic of Livettree, over the New Eiffel Border War. The Presidential Republic of Livettree wanted to gain independence from New Eiffel, and eventually independence was granted.

Armed forces

the United Armed Forces (UAF) are the armed forces in New Eiffel. They have three main branches, His Royal Army of New Eiffel, the Airfore of New Eiffel, and the Navy of New Eiffel. Each branch also has they’re own smaller branches too, the National Coastguard of New Eiffel is owned by the Navy of New Eiffel. And the National Guard of New Eiffel and Royal Defence Force of New Eiffel are owned by HRANE.

The United Armed Forces is responsible for funding they’re branches. Most of the budget comes from either public funding or the government itself.

Geography and climate

The Presidential Republic of Livettree completely borders New Eiffel from the west, and slightly to the north, and the United Kingdom borders New Eiffel from the south, east, and the northeast. There is a gate by the back of the country’s border with a sign which reads “Past this point you will no longer be in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We give you a warm welcome!”

New Eiffel has one public garden, New Eiffel Gardens.

New Eiffel is an almost even rectangle which, according to some sources, is around 600 m². New Eiffel has a few tress and some plants, however aside from that there is almost nothing else inside of New Eiffel, since it’s so small.


Climate data for K2, New Leeds, New Eiffel
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7.6
Average low °C (°F) 2.6
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 51.6
N/A N/A 42.0
N/A 43.4
N/A 68.8
Sunshine hours 47.6 71.4 107.6 159.8 181.2 181.0 196.3 195.2 N/A 108.0 N/A 32.2
Source: New Eiffel Weather Show



New Eiffel has no official currency, however they do except Euro, South African rand, and Pound sterling.

Perhaps surprisingly, Monopoly money is the most traded currency in New Eiffel. It is treated as the national currency, despite not being official. Monopoly money is used to buy stamps, plushies, clothes, food, and many other items too.

You can exchange United States dollar into Monopoly money at the border. One United States dollar is the equivalent to six hundred and seventeen Monopoly money.


Corporations make up an estimated 70 - 90% of the micronation’s economy. New Eiffel has 34 corporations made inside of New Eiffel. 17 were made in 2018, 10 were made in 2017, 1 was made in 2016, 2 in 2015, and 1 in 2014 and 2003. 2 are unknown when they were created.

Film industry

The film industry is massive. The biggest film studio is Z&jProductions, which is completely dominating the film market. Z&jProductions has a total budget of £1,567.20, or $2019.02. Smaller film studios such as Farkasok és Szar Studios, Ninja Films, and Zfilms, only make up about £1,084 of the total market.

A former film studio Z.S. Movies, had produced 3 films, however it became inactive and suddenly disappeared.

Over 15 films have been released in New Eiffel, with more being made regularly.

Natural resources



New Eiffel has a handful of original paintings, and even has its own art museum, Regional Art of New Eiffel Museum, and online art gallery called Zed-Art.

Common art styles include, Post-Impressionism, Surrealism, and Drawingwor. Most of the paintings in the Regional Art of New Eiffel Museum are painted by the same handful of people.

Zed-Art has over 55 different paitings and drawings in their online gallery collection.


The most loved music genres in New Eiffel are Pop, Alternative Rock, EDM, Dubstep, and Classic Rock. One of the most popular songs in New Eiffel is a EDM song called ‘courage’ published by the artist DJ Zeddy.

Another popular music artist is the Afrikaans artist known as Vickie Bickie.

Fashion and design

The most common designs for shirts made in New Eiffel are typically company logos, or inside jokes only New Eiffel citizens will get. Jeans are also very popular in New Eiffel and warn by almost all of the population.

Holidays and celebration

New Eiffel has 16 fixed public holidays excluding bank holidays. The most widely celebrated holiday is Christmas Day and Firework’s Day.

Firework’s Day was inspired by Guy Fawkes, and has been celebrated by an estimated 20 people. Firework’s Day is typically celebrated by watching fireworks go off. The tradition of Firework’s Day started somewhere in 2016.


A dish being served at Smith Restaurant


New Eiffel has an estimated 935 tourists per year. Most of them come into New Eiffel because of work related reasons. In total, people from over 44 different countries, including Eritrea, South Africa, Burmuda, China, Iran, etc. have visited New Eiffel.

Popular locations


New Eiffel doesn’t have any airports or railroads inside the county. In New Eiffel the most common way of transportation is either walking, or riding a bicycle.


Like the Netherlands, in New Eiffel bikes are so popular they have their own driving licences, and road laws.


Plans for an airport construction


New Eiffel has 1 school inside the country, at the back border called New Eiffel School The attendance right has been slowing down by almost 67% since the school was first built.

The school is run by the Minister of Education, and as of 2019 the school has 2 employees.


Science and technology

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