The Principality of Greenfield

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The Empire of Scottsdale

Largest cityCurtis side
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)none
- PrinceDakota Jaax
- Prime MinisterLucas Yoloka
Jazz Jaax
LegislatureThe Scott Field Parliament
Established27 May 2018
Population29 (2019)
CurrencyWestern Scottsdale Dollar
National sportBall Throw
National drinkNestea
National animalCat

The Empire of Scottsdale is a self-declared, independent state in Kingston, Canada; with a population of 29.

Greenfield Kakakakakak $1.png


Johnsonville Expire was made and re Name in may Sunday 27 2018 When Prince Dakota jaax did not like how Josh Added a New Transport system To Green park before Austin jaax made it so Dakota jaax Re name Country Johnsonville kingdom then became king with no queen then re named it again To Johnsonville Empire.

Administrative regions

Name Flag Coat of Arms Map Delegates in PA Govenors Citizens
Curtis Side Dakota Jaax (D) 11
East GreenField Lucas(L) 3


Foreign relations

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Government GreenField Elected in Lucas Josh


The Principality of GreenField was made on May 27, 2018 Created by Austin jaax Ownership gave to Dakota jaax became Prince and then made a election For Lucas Jazz jaax and Josh To become Governor of a city Jazz jaax was in Group Purple in election and got 20 Votes. Lucas Was in Group Blue for election and got 26 votes Josh was in group Green but only got 25 votes below Lucas and lost and became government instead

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