The Principality of Edanzia

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Principality of Edanzia

Edanzia Land we Love
Carlisle, UK
Capital cityEdanzia City
Largest cityEdanzia City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameEdanzia
GovernmentUnitary presidential constitutional monarchy
Established24 June 2018
Area claimed40000 km²
Population35 (June 2018 est.)
Time zoneGMT-6:00, GMT-2:30, GMT-0:00
National sportAssociation Football
National animalLabrador retriever, Mallard duck

The Principality of Edanzia, often referred to as Edanzia, is an entity often referred to as a micronation. The Principality consists of 3 territories: one in the British city of Carlisle (known as the Edanzia Capitol Territory), another within the southern portion of the U.S state of Georgia(Auro), and the third within the Marie Byrd Land(Tromia).


Edanzia is named after the River Eden, which flows through the capital territory of Edanzia; marking the southern border of the ECT with The United Kingdom.

National Holidays

New Years Day - 1 January

Republic Day - 25 March

Independence Day - 23 June

Principality Day - 31 July

National Dog Day - 26 August

Freedom Day - 7 October

Christmas Day - 25 December


There is a Presidential election every 6 years which the Edanzian People can vote in. The election is done in a ranked vote format, with voters ranking the candidates by preference. At any time during those two years the president can step down and Vice-President will take lead. Senate elections are held every 4 years, meaning that every 12 years, Presidential, and Senate elections overlap. Senate members are elected on a single vote basis, in direct representation. Voters from Auro, and Tromia, can elect their own Territorial Premier; elections are held every 5 years.

Foreign relations

Unilateral recognition

Military and Protection

Edanzia does not have an official Military, however, its Citizens are well-armed. The is also no Police force; the crime rate is 0, and there is no desire of the people for police.

Diplomatic relations and ties

Edanzia holds "net neutrality" and welcomes diplomatic relations between all nations, the Prince of Edanzia has met with the Emperor of Austenasia, President of Neutnacia and the Prime Minister of Australia.