The Principality of East Kenduskeag

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Principality of East Kenduskeag

"Minus Scire, Minus Esse."
"The less you know, the less you are."
Bangor, Maine

Capital city"The Fort"
Largest cityRiver Camp Delta
Official language(s)Yevonic 85%
English 100%
Official religion(s)Christianity, Judaism
DemonymRiver Rats, Easterners
- DictatorOliver Higgins
LegislatureHouse of Mary
Area claimed6,000m²
National animalRaptor
Patron saintKwanju

The Principality of East Kenduskeag is a micronation located along a portion of the Kenduskeag stream in Bangor, Maine. It was Founded out of political turmoil resulting from the election of Bangor's current leader, Czar Joe Baldacci III.

Run by de facto leader, Emperor Oliver Higgins, the micronation is the largest in Penobscot county. Its existence today still raises that of great controversy and concern in Bangor's explosive political climate.