The People’s Republic of K-Marx

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The People’s Republic of K-Marx

De ĉiu laŭ sia kapablo, al ĉiu laŭ siaj bezonoj (Esperanto: From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs)
La Internacio
Karl Marx Urbo, People’s Republic of K-Marx
Capital cityKarl Marx Urbo
Largest cityKarl Marx Urbo
Official language(s)Esperanto
Official religion(s)Freedom of Creed
Short namePRKM
GovernmentUnitary Socialist Republic
- PresidentDamien Biggs
- National People's RepresentativeDisbanded
LegislatureNational People's Committee,
State Affairs Committee for the Defence of the PRKM
Area claimed>1km²
Population1 (Real)
1,200 (Simulated) (as of 2019)
CurrencyPRKM Valo
Time zone(UTC)
National sportExample
National animalPolar Bear

Government website

The People’s Republic of K-Marx is a micronation originally founded in 2006, it went on to have its first true web presence and online forum in 2007.


The nations name of K-Marx derives from the name of the German socialist and communist philosopher Karl Marx.


The history of the nation can be divided up into 3 distinct ages. The Pre forum age, the 1st forum age and the 2nd forum age. The 2nd forum age, being the longest of the three, can also be divided up by certain periods and events in time.

Pre forum age (2006-15 May 2007)

K-Marx was first created as a secessionist nation in 2006. It began looking for territory around the German borders, hoping to be able to find and take control of old disused border and customs offices and checkpoints. Once it was established that these disused pieces of land were still owned by their respective nations K-Marx then set its sights within the United Kingdom and successfully established its territory within East London. During this time it’s official currency was the Euro and the British Pound was also widely accepted. The nation was governed by the only legal political party: The K-M Democratic Socialist Party.

The 1st Forum Age (16 May 2007 – 2 April 2008)

After the creation of its first forum, K-Marx began to move away from physical claims and secessionism in favour for a simulation model. K-Marx ended all territorial claims it had previously made and its claim within the United Kingdom became, and remains to this day, its Consulate. During this time the Euro was still accepted more than any other currency but no official currency was ever proclaimed. The first forum saw many new provinces and cities created by new citizens and new diplomatic relations began, most notably with the Democratic Republic of Bobalania. The relationship between K-Marx and Bobalania would grow in closeness and friendship as the time went on, leading to the K-M Democratic Socialist Party setting up a sister party within Bobalania called the Bobalanian Democratic Socialist Party. This party would latter go on to govern Bobalania in a coalition government.

The 2nd Forum Age (3 April 2008 – present day)

With the features of ProBoards being clearly far superior to those of the first forum, it was decided by the K-M Democratic Socialist Party to move the nation onto ProBoards. This move was successful and the nation still remains to this day based on ProBoards. During this time provinces and cities would change, some being created and others being lost, and so too would citizen numbers. It was during this time that industry was boosted by the creation of a nationalised online casino called the 8 Ball Casino and a state owned co-operative farm. Currency was also officially changed and replaced in favour of a non-monetary form of rewards called: Labour Time Credits (LTC). These credits were issued for forum posting, farm working and casino promoting. Work within the Co-Operative farm revolved around using the macronatinal UN World Food Program’s website called ‘Free Rice’. The website operates as a quiz with correct answers rewarding the food program with free grains of rice, paid for by the revenue it generates from advertisements. Statistics of the farms progress was regularly posted and workers would receive credits based on this. Revenue from any profits made from the online casino were distributed evenly through the nation in US Dollars, although the casino largely failed and was dissolved after a year of operations. Towards the end of 2008 K-Marx largely sat inactive and deserted.

Period of the difficult times (17 February 2009- 29 January 2019) Due to this inactivity the K-M Democratic Socialist Party took drastic measures to ensure the nations survival. It swiftly dissolved national and local parliaments and by the end of February 2009 had taken complete control of the country. This political coup met with no resistance or backlash and the party began its attempts at reviving the nation. It was announced shortly after that the K-M Democratic Socialist Party and the Bobalanian Democratic Socialist Party were in talks with the head of state of Bobalania. These talks proposed the merger of the two nations and/or some form of union. The talks began successfully but as time passed they gradually broke down and by the start of April 2009 had all but ceased. The multiple failures of the K-M Democratic Socialist Party in the handling of the nation and its attempts at reviving the nation lead to the party gradually loosing power. It became apparent that there was no longer any need for the party and it slowly dissolved and finally merged in May 2009 with the, then growing, PRKM Left Unionist Movement. Power and democracy was once again restored in the National People’s Committee and, with the potential union with Bobalania no longer an option, K-Marx formally submitted a land claim on Micras on the 25th May 2010. This claim however was rejected and shortly after, K-Marx fell into its longest period of inactivity.

Period of the great revival (30 January 2019 – present day) The nation was once again revived on the 30 January 2019 after a post on the forum by the then National People’s Representative. This became known as ‘the great purge, consolidation and revival of Juche 108’. During this time old forum threads and boards were purged, archived and restructured. A new government organisation was created called the State Affairs Committee for the Defence of the PRKM (SACD PRKM). This committee then set about reviving the nation on other Micronational websites, writing articles and on February 7 20019 presented the nation with its full list of business and intentions.

Government and politics

Currently the highest organ of state power is the State Affairs Committee for the Defence of the PRKM and its president being the head of State and government. The only province and city are organised and administered with limited power by province, area and local people’s committees. These committees have the power to zone new building projects, manage policing and set tax rates.

Law and order

All law and order is enforced through the corresponding people’s committees.

Foreign relations


Geography and climate


The economy of the PRKM has always had a strong focus on socialist principles of common ownership and the abolition of private property.


Two official languages are spoken; English and Esperanto. Tennis is widely played and popular among the people.


The nation currently has one newspaper called the Engels Daily, this paper is run by the National Media Union.

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