People's Republic of the Oasis Islands

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The People's Republic of the Oasis Islands

Spreading Communism, One Nation at a Time
North Eastern America
Capital cityHeinsland
Largest cityHeinsland
Official language(s)English
DemonymOasis Islander
- PresidentPhil Heisner
LegislatureCouncil of the Oasis Islands
EstablishedNovember 12, 2011
Time zoneEastern Standard Time

Government Website

The People's Republic of the Oasis Islands was a communist nation founded by Phil Heisner on November 12, 2011 after Heisner and the Hamlinian Communist Party forces won the Hamlinian Civil War, taking over the Hamlinian Republic and toppling the democratic government run by President of the Hamlinian Republic Casey Hamlin. The nation was commonly seen as an illegitimate nation and that the land was still owned by the Hamlinian Republic.


Hamlinian Civil War

The Hamlinian Civil War began on November 5, 2011 after Heisner and his party claimed the Hamlinian territory of the Oasis Islands and seceded. After Hamlin refused to recognize the secession, Heisner declared war on the Republic and began fighting for complete control of the country. By November 11, 2011, the PROI held about ninety percent of the total claimed land, and victory was assured. On November 12, Heisner led the Siege of Hamlinia, where Casey Hamlin, Daniel Stefanko, and Sean Hamlin signed the surrender of the Hamlinian Republic.

Government Building

After winning the war, the nation began to develop it's government. Heisner was named President of the People's Republic of the Oasis Islands, and he and his closest adviser began the Oasis Island Council. It has been reported that in one day, the PROI has become one of the most hated nations in micronational history and Phillip Heisner is the most wanted man in Hamlinian history. They have a very limited support base, compared to the Hamlinian Government in Exile, who had most of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization, and the Coalition Against Terrorist States on their side. Things changed due to Hamlingate, the most devastating political scandal in Hamlinian history. After the nation's fall, the government was scrapped.


The Oasis Island Naval Unit was the only armed force the PROI had. It consisted of 1 paddle boat, five kayaks and two canoes, which is what the Hamlinian Republic has. The nation's military status was called weak by many Hamlinian analysts.

Foreign relations

The PROI was hated by most people involved. The Government in Exile held most of the popular support, while the PROI has almost no allies, relations, or friends.


The PROI contained five provinces. The Oasis Islands, Heinsland, Loonshore Island, Chicaracastan (Formerly Hamlinistan), and Philia (formerly Hamlinia). Loonshore was created during the Civil War, and Heinsland was created to become the PROI capital.