Panarchist Republic Project

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                                                            The Panarchist Republic

The Panarchist Republic Project was founded on January 17, 2014. It seeks to base itself on panarchist and libertarian anarchist principles. It is mostly based on Paul Emile Puydt's work Panarchy ( The form of government called panarchist republicanism is set up in this manner under the Panarchist Republic:

-There is a republic that controls immigration policy to Subconsuls (based on need and criminal records), diplomacy on behalf of the Subconsuls, and mediate and come to a resolution on inter-Subconsul conflicts.

-There is a Chief Governance Agent. He his a figurehead president, and the mayor of the future capital of Atlas. He becomes CGA after being Controller of Subconul Affairs. 2, 5 year term limits.

-Controller of Subconsul Affairs. Controls all manner of domestic policy granted by the Constitution. Negotiates issues related to the Subconsuls, raises money through domestic user fees, and is the future CGA.

-Commerce Ambassador. This person conducts trade missions on behalf of the Subconsuls. Also conducts emergency elections when needed.

-Foreign Affairs Chief. Runs external fundraising means. Conducts diplomatic missions on behalf of the Subconsuls.

-Subconsuls. Individual governance units that compete for freemen's citizenship. Joining a Sunconsul is voluntary, and an individual may switch Subconsuls.

-The capital city's name is Atlas, which is a ten mile area.

For further details on the laws of governance:

There are currently 4 citizens in this micronation project. There will be no taxes and no visa or passport needed to visit.

This is the official meeting place and subreddit for the project: .

To Officially ask to join the project (and thus be a citizen), PM the admin of the above group to join the private mastermind group.