The Ostzeletan polity

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The Ostzeletan polity (sometimes Ostzeletan state; Bulgarian: Остзелетанска държава) is a small micronation in Republic of Bulgaria, founded in 22d June 2018.

Ostzeletan polity

Flag of the Ostzeletan polity.png

"O, Vodach, Zhivei Hrisanizm
Capital city Staro-Kamentsa
Largest city Staro-Kamenitsa, Gotsev
Official language(s) official: Bulgarian other: Russian, English, Greek, Ostzeletan.
Official religion(s) Christianity.
Demonym Ostzeletanian
Government Authoritarian
- Vodqch Khrisanov Daniel
Khrisanov Daniel
- Last election - Canceled by law
Established 22 june 201_
Area claimed 9,7 km²
Population 130
Currency Ostzeletan marka
Time zone GMT+1
National sport table tennis
National dish Kebab
National drink Coffee and tea


Ostzeletania was founded on June 22, 2018 on the shrapnel of the former state of the Republic of Daugavpuia, which was liquidated as a result of stagnation. On June 22, the Central Constituent Chamber of Trade Unions was established, which announced the establishment of the Ostzeletan Corporatist State. After the adoption of the code of laws united in one and only "Basic Law of the Ostzeletan's Politics". The Chamber declared Vodach Khrisanov Daniel,who dissolved the Chamber and appointed the Central Fascist Council.


Since June 23, Ostseletania is an authoritarian national corporatist state

Political parties

Since the signing of the Basic Law, Ostseletania has a one-party system, the governing party of Ostseletania is the Thunder Front, which enlightens the ideas of Hrisanism as a national idea


Vodach is the legitimate and irreplaceable leader of Ostzeletan state.