The Organic Act of Huai Siao

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Huai Siao Law
Royal law
The Organic Act
Royal enactment
Royal decree
ministerial regulations

The Organic Act of Huai Siao (Thai:พระราชบัญญัติประกอบรัฐธรรมนูญ) It is an organic law enacted in the form of an act. The Constitution of the Empire of Huai Siao provides for another form in the Huai Siao legal system. The Organic Act contains certain important content, such as elections or reorganization that controls the exercise of state power. By enacting this type of law, the constitution, which is difficult to fix, is too lengthy and prolonged. Even if a society has changed

Characteristics of the Organic Act

The organic law is the same as the normal act. But there are some special guidelines as follows.

  • Calling the name of the organic law must be called The Organic Act on ...R.P. ...for example, the Organic Act on Political Parties, R.P. 2555
  • The enactment of an organic law Can be done only on matters that the Constitution Forced only It cannot be enacted for use in other matters such as the General Act.

List of The Organic Act of Huai Siao

At this time, no organic law has been enacted.