The Official Kingdom of Arbreland

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The Official Kingdom of Arbreland
FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg National FlagOKACoatofArms2.jpeg Coat of Arms

English We are stronger together
Français Nous sommes plus forts ensemble
USA, Finland, Italy and Antartica
Capital cityBiHiLi
Largest cityOdiseya (Population: 2)
Official language(s)First Level Languages English, French and Niş'arbrə (Second Level Languages are Finnish and Italian) (Third level languages are Azerbaijani, Spanish, Dutch, Norweigan and Hindi) [1]
Official religion(s)Arbreland has the Freedom of Religion although most are Roman Catholic
- KingNathan Smith
- Prime MinisterMimi Papillon Smith
Established21 October 2018
Population3 2 Humans and 1 Cat
CurrencyUS Dollar, Arbrelandianish Kilak (ÆKŁ) and Occitanian Diner [2]
Time zoneETC
National sportCubing and Tennis
National animalMaine Coon Cat (Real) and Gryffin (Fake)

Unification of Arbreland

On October 21, 2018, The Official Republic of Natia and the Kingdom of Arquenistan merged together to for The Official Kingdom of Arbreland

Organizations Arbreland is in


Shortly after Arberland was officially formed, it was confirmed that Arbreland was allowed to stay in the MOF and compete.

Arbreland's code in the MOF is OKA

On October 25, 2018, Arbreland confirmed that it was bidding to host the 2021 MOF Games.

Possible Future Organizations

Arbreland is currently thinking about joining Union De La Paix

Languages in Arbreland

Arbreland has to official languages, English and French.

However there are 2 other languages spoken in Arbreland, these are known as second level languages, Finnish which is spoken in Oyercesaltekwatr and Italian which is spoken in Natia Italiana. D

Spanish, Azerbaijani, Dutch, Norweigan and Hindi are third level languages which means that they aren't spoken in the country officially but are spoken unofficially.

Arbreland in the Microvision Song Festival

In 2018 Natia (which later became Arbreland) debuted in the Microvision Song Festival.

They debuted with the song n8nks77 - Hopes,Dreams,Reality

They ended up getting dead last in 13th place with 30 points... just 3 points away from getting 12th.

In 2019 the first eer national final, La Voix De L'arbre 2019 it was held in Williamson, Arquenistan. Havin won with the song Viens on s'aime by Slimane

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place

Year Song and Language Points Position
2018 n8nks77 - Hopes, Dreams, Reality (Instumental) 30 13th (last)
2019 Slimane - Viens on S'aime 47 9th

Arbreland in the Junior Microvision Song Contest

On December 22, 2018 Arbreland announced the creation of the Junior Microvision Song Contest and that they would be hosting the first edition known as The Junior Microvision Song Contest 2019

National Animals of Arbreland

Arbreland has 2 national animals, the Maine Coon Cat (which was the national animal for Natia) and the Gryffin (which is on the national flag).

Arbrelandianish Holidays

Here are a list of Holidays in Arbreland

Name Date Notes
New Year 1 January Celebrating the first day of the year (Nonworking Day)
Valentines Day 14 February Day of love and to tell others you love them (Working Day)
Leap Year Day 29 Febuary The day the celebrates the extra day of the year (Working day) (Note: happens once every 4 years)
Earth Day 22 April Day of making sure to take care of the Earth (Working Day)
July 4th 4 July The Celebration of the USA's Independence (Nonworking day in Natia and all USA Territories)
Sister Day 11 July The Birthday of Rachel Smith, The president of Tokyo and Nathan Smith's sister (Working Day)
Arquenistan Day 1 August The day that Arquenistan declared independence (Nonworking day in Arquenistan only)
The First King Day 15 August The Birthday of Nathan Smith, the founder and president of Natia and the 1st king of Arbreland (Nonworking Day)
Unification Day 21 October The day that Natia and Arquenistan combined to form the Offical Kingdom Of Arbreland (Nonworking Day)
Natia Day 7 November The day that Natia Declared independence (Nonworking day in Natia and Natia's former colonies)
Christmas Eve 24 December The day before Christmas and is known as a day of joy and happiness (Nonworking Day)
Christmas Day 25 December The day of the birth of Jesus Crist and is known as the day of joy and giving back to others (Nonworking day)
New Years Eve 31 December Celebrating the end of a great year (Nonworking Day)

National TV

Arbreland has 2 National TV Broadcasters


NNBN[3] serves the Natian Part of Arbreland and Natia Italiana

Arquenistan National Television and Broadcasting (ANTB)

Arquenistan National Television and Broadcasting (Also called ANTB) serves the Arquenistani part of Arbreland and Oyercesaltekhwatr


  1. On July 26th, 2019, Niş'arbrə, Dutch, Norweigan and Azerbaijani were recognized as official languages in the country(Ranging from First Level to Third Level)
  2. Became an official currency on July 16th 2019
  3. NNBN's full name is Natia National Broadcasting Network