The Octoberist Plot

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The Octoberist Plot
Operation Fall Karminrot
Date13 - 20th October 2019
Result Decisive Royalist Victory
Duke Matthew loses titles briefly
Shedland loses autonomy
Army and Airforce suspended from service briefly.
Nathan revealed as the true mastermind
Lytera flag.png Royalists Shedlandflag.png The Octoberists
Commanders and leaders
Lytera flag.png HHRH King Alexander I
Lytera flag.png HRH Princess Megan
Lytera flag.png HRH Prince Owen
Lytera flag.png HRH Princess Ayra
Lytera flag.png HRH Princess Siobhan
Lytera flag.png HRH Prince Robert
Flag of the United Kingdom.png 'Nathan'
Shedlandflag.png Duke Matthew (framed)
Lyteramooreshire.png Baron Joe (framed)
Units involved
Lytera flag.png The Pink Berets
Lytera flag.png 1st Holy Imperial Guard
Lytera flag.png 7th Naval Commandos
Shedlandflag.png 303rd High Regiment (framed)
Shedlandflag.png 310th Army Division (framed))
Shedlandflag.png 401st Army Division (framed)
Shedlandflag.png 16th Fighter Squadron (framed)
6 9


The Octoberist Plot, and subsequent crushing of the plot, Operation Fall Karminrot, was an attempted Communist Military Coup led by Duke Matthew on behalf of 'Nathan'. The plot led to Shedland losing it's special status, and the army and airforce being suspended. Matthew was briefly removed as Duke, but his title was restored after his court case.


October 13th - The Pink Berets, Lytera's elite spies and military group, report to the King that Matthew has been messaging members of the military about a coup.

October 14th - Operation Fall Karminrot is drafted, and briefly discussed with Aenopia, though most of the details are kept from them.

October 15th - Operation goes ahead, Matthew is removed as Duke, Army and Airforce are suspended, and Shedland is no longer an autonomous region.

October 20th - The Court Case against Matthew occurs, in which he provides proof of innocence, revealing 'Nathan' of the UK was the mastermind. Details publicly released.


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