The November Crisis

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The November Crisis
Date25 November 2020 - 26 November 2020
Result Lyteran Victory
Principality of Pelkesa established

The Unified Oppositon (LDA, SPL, LWCP, WRP, JJP)

The Loyalist Coalition (RPL, SDP, GPL, LNP)

The November Crisis was an series of events that began on November 25th, 2020. At 21:00, the LDA, a political party officially banned since the events of the Summer Election, began their operation to seize power. Having allied itself with Left Wing parties also banned in what was seen as a betrayal of principle by some, the LDA, LWCP and SPL announced a unified opposition to the monarchy and parliament for being corrupt and unrepresentative of the people. The event was solved through the Badger Accords, which saw the establishment of the Principality of Pelkesa as a client state of Lytera in the de-facto claimed area of Odyssey Park.

The Event

Nov 25

After declaring the block, the leaders of the Weeaboo Rights Party and Jingo Jungle Party announced their intention to join the Opposition, and an emergency meeting of Parliament was called. The LNP, announcing their intention of supporting the monarch despite their opposition to the liberals in government, were also invited. After an hour of debating with no progress, a report from Mooreshire announced that members of the Army had began to protest, before contact was lost for the night. At 22:00, the Opposition to the King called for a motion of no confidence in the government and for a republic to be established, but this was refused by the King, who declared that the Kingdom which had stood for a decade would not be fallen by some petty rabble.

After parliament went to recess, the LNIA and LPF professed their support for the Monarchy, announcing that the attempt to remove the democratically elected government would be opposed. At 2 AM, reports came in that the Opposition would be open for a meeting on Thanksgiving, which Alexander once again refused, citing how often his brother had led revolts, this would be the last.

Nov 26

The two opposing sides met on Discord in the Lyteran server at 14:00, but no agreement could be made, however, the revolt in Mooreshire ended due to a compromise on how the Barony was to be run, depriving the Opposition of their largest support base. Duke Matthew announced his withdrawal from the crisis after going back on his previous views, stating they were misguided and that Nathan Steer had attempted to manipulate him with the help of Klea, his newest party member. In return for accepting this deal, King Alexander and Matthew signed the Badger Accords - named so after a local figure, in which it stated that the unincorporated, but de-facto claimed land known simply as "The Green" would be established as a Principality, independent of Lytera but under it's protection, and for all foreign policy and defence to be conducted through Lytera. Satisfied, Matthew switched sides, and the revolt quickly fizzled out, with Nathan Steer once again being barred from Lytera.


Seen as a political success by both sides, the establishment of the Principality of Pelkesa as a dependency of Lytera satisfying both Matthew's desire for self-determination whilst not compromising the security of Lytera, and a successful way to end the revolts that had been plaguing the country.