North Sea Empire (Hrafnarfjall)

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The North Sea Empire
Norðursjáveldið (is)
Nordseereich (de)
Empire de la mer du Nord (fr)

2019 — Present

Arms of the North Sea Empire.svg

Capital cityHrafn Mýrar, Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall
Official language(s)English, Icelandic, German, French
Short nameNorth Sea Empire
GovernmentAbsolute Monarch
- Emperor & EmpressEmperor Thomas I & Empress Laura I
- ChancellorQueen Kendall I, Imperial Chancellor
EstablishedFebruary 2019

The North Sea Empire is a confederate monarchy consisting of autonomous and semi-autonomous states similar to the Holy Roman Empire. It was founded in 1013 by Cnut the Great but the European territories later fell to familial infighting with the North American territories becoming leaderless and eventually taken by British, Danish, and French colonial states and successor nations before being recognized in early 2019 by Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall as imperial territory when he declared himself the second emperor.[citation needed]