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The New Roman Empire is an Australian micronation situated in Queensland. The micronation was formed out of a desire for equality and a view for a better world. Thus, the nation primarily follows the Utopian model. It was founded by the head of state His Excellency Emperor James I on the 26th of July 2017, although the original concept for the micronation was created toward the beginning of that year. The New Roman Empire, despite having existed for a relatively short period of time, has achieved a surprising amount in its existence. The New Roman Empire advocates for many human rights, including marriage, gender and racial equality, and the right to abortion and euthanasia. The nation has a radio station, which is a public playlist on Spotify, named 'New Roman Radio Station'


The New Roman Empire was conceived in January 2017, and was officially founded on the 26th of July 2017 when the first citizen successfully applied. The Imperial Government was completed on the 3rd of January 2017, although with a steadily growing population and more government projects issued, there are occasionally new positions opened in the government. The New Roman Imperial Constitution was implemented on the 27th of November 2017, and a letter declaring their independence from Australia was sent to the Australian Parliament on the 11th of February 2018. As of a 2018 national census, the micronation has 14 permanent citizens.


The New Roman Empire owns two districts, an embassy and a capital city. The smallest of the two districts encompasses four hundred square metres, and the largest of the two districts encompasses two acres. The capital city, named the City of New Rome, is sixty square metres and the embassy in Brisbane is forty square metres. This makes the total land claim approximately two and a half acres of land.


The New Roman Empire possesses a small military force, comprised of a soldier and the Minister of Defence. The military budget as of 2018 is $150 dollars, what remains of the budget after a purchase of two steel arm guards towards the end of January. The New Roman Government has published a few pieces of propaganda to encourage its citizens to join the armed forces. The New Roman Empire also possesses the capability to create its own (albeit not very powerful) gunpowder.


The New Roman Empire possesses its own currency, the New Roman Dollar (abbreviated to NRD). One New Roman Dollar can be exchanged for $3AUD for citizens and $5AUD for civilians outside of the Empire. The New Roman Imperial Government decided to print a small amount of money in order to increase the value of the dollar. A movie ticket in the New Roman Empire is approximately $0.50NRD. The New Roman Empire’s economy is mainly based off exports and its own internal affairs. Plans to back the currency are in place.

International Affairs and Diplomacy

The New Roman Empire is engaged in a number of friendly informal relationships with other micronations, including the Republic of Molossia, the Confederacy of Astain and the Kingdom of Ruritania. What makes this nation unique is the fact that it is recognised as a sovereign nation by the Aerican Empire. However, the New Roman Empire is not recognised by the United Nations or any established nation. International Affairs are usually handled by the Imperial Embassy of New Rome and the Minister of Communications, under the Emperor’s occasional light guidance.


The New Roman Empire has many forms of contacting it, including its website and Facebook page. Details below.

Website: Facebook: The New Roman Empire


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