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Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia(The Neo-Dumnonii Kingdom)
Flag of Neo-Dumnonia.pngHouse Hallows Coat of Arms.jpg

What is now proved was once Imagined
Neo-Dumnonii National Anthem[1]
Map of the Neo-Dumnonii Kingdom.jpg
Capital cityGrimspound
Largest cityGrimspound
Official language(s)English Dartish
Official religion(s)Shadow Religion Wicca Christianity Atheism Islam
Short nameNeo-Dumnonia
- High QueenN/A
- High KingHigh King Liam I of House Hallows
LegislatureRoyal Court
Established25th May 2016
Area claimedNot Yet Calculated
PopulationNot Yet Calculated (as of Dec 2016 )
CurrencyRoyal Dart (Q)
Time zone(GMT)
National sportAthletics
National animalDartmoor Pony

Government website
FB Page

The Neo-Dumnonii Kingdom or the Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia is a micronation founded on 25 May 2016 by High king Liam I of House Hallows. The Government of the Kingdom is a Semi-Anarcho-Monarchy where the Rulers are the High King and the High Queen. The Current High King is High King Liam I of House Hallows, there is no High Queen as of yet. The National Anthem of the Neo-Dumnonii Kingdom is the Voices of the Neo-Dumnonii which was written by High King Liam I of House Hallows.

This Nation now no longer exists, instead Erynnin has taken it's place.


The Neo-Dumnonii Kingdom gets it name from a celtic tribe called the Dumnonii that once lived in Dumnonia before and during the Roman Invasion of Briton.


On the 25 May 2016 the Kingdom was officially Founded by High king Liam I of House Hallows.
On the 31 December 2016 The Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia Recognised and got Recognised by the The free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan

Government and politics

The Government is a Semi-Anarcho-Monarchy. The Rulers of the Micronation are the High King and the High Queen. There are then Kings and Queens and Lords and Ladies. The High King and High Queen sort issues revolving around Military, Foreign Affairs, Education, Religious and Environment. The Royal Court consists of; the High King and High Queen, 2 Kings Chosen by the High King, 2 Queens Chosen by the High Queen, 4 Lords Chosen by the Lords, Kings Ladies and Queens , 4 Ladies chosen by the Lords, Kings, Ladies and Queens, 4 Male Citizens Chosen by the Public and 4 Female Citizens Chosen by the Public. The Royal Court sort issues revolving around Domestic, Economy, Health Care, Ethics and Homes. There is Mass voting on New Laws and on War Declaration and Ceasefire/Peace Treaties.

Law and order

The Founding Laws are the Base Laws of the The Kingdom of Dumnonia. The Founding Laws Must be Carried out and can't be changed. New Laws can be Changed however and for a law to be created/changed/taking down there is a Mass voting where there must be a 70% Majority to be successful. The Law is carried out by the Court of Order where the Royal Court, Royality and the Public have no jurisdiction. Only the Lead Judge and Judges have any Legal Power in the Court of Order.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia have Official Recognition from the Following Nations

The Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia have Official Recognition from the Following MicroNations
The Free Jewish Immigrant Republic of Lipelistan NF58.png

The Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia Officially recognises the Following Nations

193 UN Member States The Kingdom of Neo-Dumnonia Officially Recognise the Following Micronations
The Free Jewish Immigrant Republic of Lipelistan NF58.png
The Principality of Sealand
Empire of Atlantium
Republic of Molossia
Free Republic of Liberland
Principality of Hutt River
Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands
Conch Republic


The Neo-Dumnonii Military has created different Branches and these are an Land Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Navy, Subterranean Army and Special Forces. The Commands for the Land Army, Subterranean Army, and Spec-Ops go down a Chain of Command starting with the High King, and the Navy, Air Force and Space Force goes down a Chain of Command starting from the High Queen. Some of these Branches were created out of preparation for the future in case the MicroNation ever needed the particular branch of Command.

Geography and climate

Dewerstone Facing North towards the Moorland.

The Geography of Neo-Dumnonia is Varied slightly. There is Many Deciduous Woodlands, Farmland, Urban Roads and Large area of Moorland. On this Moorland you will find Rivers and Streams, Lakes and Pools, Tors and Hills, Bogs and Wetlands, Caves, Valleys and Rocky Outcrops. There are also Masses of Gorse Bushes which can sometimes generate little Mazes. Scattered around are Iron Age Buildings, Old Tin Mines, Old Sacred Grounds and Standing Stones/Stone Rolls/Stone Circles and old Farmsteads. The Climate on the Moors is very unpredictable and one can experience every season in a day. Usually it is Cold during the Autumn/Winter Months which can get down to 1 °C(34 °F)(but sometimes can get below this) and in the Spring/Summer Months it is usually Warmer getting up to about 18 °C (64 °F)(but temperatures can Exceed this sometimes).


Our Currency is the Royal Dart and is represented by the Symbol 1Q = 0.12 GBP(British Pound) or 0.15 US Dollars. Exports are mainly to do with the Arts Industry in this moment in time. The Kingdom is hoping to expand its exports and increase the Value of the Royal Dart and to increase the GDP.


Within the Kingdom there are Certain Houses which process great power and influence. House Hallows is one such House. These Houses are Headed by Lords and Ladies, Kings and Queens, a High King and High Queen or a a member of the Family. There are Minor Houses whom usually Swear Fealty to a greater house, whom then swear fealty to the High King and High queen. There is also a National Language called Dartish which is currently under construction by High king Liam I. The native/national religion of the Kingdom is Shadow Religion which is a Pagan Tradition based on Wicca and nature/spirit worship. There are other state religions and these are Christianity, Islam, Wicca and Atheism. The Kingdom is broken down into Provinces administered by either Lords/Ladies, Kings/Queens or the High King/High Queen. These Provinces have living/building policies which are as follows:
Nomad: No one place is allowed to be settled. Constantly moving around the land lives in temporary housing.
Rural: Light Urban development is allowed.
Rural Woodland: Light Urban Development in the woodlands is allowed. Must not cut down any of the Forest unless under a special permit.
Sacred Woodlands: These are highly sacred woodlands only used for religious purposes. Must never be cut down. Urban: High Urban Development is allowed.
Urban Woodland: High Urban Development is allowed. Must not cut down any of the Forest unless under a special permit.
Rural Port: Light Urban Development on coastal/shoreline waters.
Urban Port: High Urban Development on coastal/shoreline waters.
Boat-House/Living: Urban Development on water bodies(boats).
Subterranean: Nomadic life underground.
Rural Subterranean: Light Urban Development underground.
Urban Subterranean: High Urban Development underground.


The Neo-Dumnonii Kingdom has a news thread on her Official Website and has a Youtube Channel as well as a Facebook Page.

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  1. From Lands Near and Far, We Dumnonii are born, Banded by Family! Banded by Friends! Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, I've Sworn to keep you Safe! May the quarrels and lies, of nations great, stay away from us! May the Gods, Old and New, Hear our Plea! The Old State grabed me, from my family's grasp, and put me to work! Sound the horns, of our Ancesters Past, and send them forth! Upon the Evils of, our land and our kin, for all the misery they make! Let us Sound the Horns! Of People's Freedom! And our Ancesters! So we may live in Harmony! Call the Dragons and Giants forth! Our Forests Burn to the ground, Don't let them! Our Animals get killed off, Don't let them! Our Rocks get demolished, Don't let them! Our Air gets tainted with filth, Don't let them! From Lands Near and Far, We Dumnonii are born, Banded by Family! Banded by Friends! We Dumnonii, are Born!