Nation of Terra

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The Nation Flag of Terra

There is no greater front, than a united one.
Our Red Banner by Reikn Kaizer Kastro

Mainland terra colored.png
Located in Michigan, USA

Capital cityReikn City
Largest cityMarshal
Official language(s)Pyranian
- ReiknReikn Kaizer Kastro
- Demo-ReiknDemo-Reikn Aralk Jekal
CurrencyTerran Shard
National animalDragon

Terra is a micronation with the capital located in the USA with the goal to unite the people of the world to raise quality of life. Terra was an idea for many years, that grew as its creator Kaizer Kastro did. After a struggling start, Reikn Kaizer and Demo-Reikn Aralk Jekal, the new second in command to Terra finalized some details and began building a government, flag, and an anthem. Terra was officially established, September 8th, 2016 with the completion of "Our Red Banner", the nations anthem. The language paired up with the nation is Pyranian, however, most of its citizens use English, Spanish, German and Japanese due to a Pyranian teaching system being underdeveloped. The nation practices a capitalist government at the moment but is slowly making a conversion to its intentional Tierist system. The Flag is entitled "The United Sun Banner" and was finalized May 27th, 2016 also designed by Reikn Kaizer.

Governing Faction

The governing system of Terra is quite unique as it is the only Tierist system in the world. The Terran government and all of its aspects are controlled by the Reikn. Under the Reikn is the Demo-Reikn which has some of the same powers but they can always be overruled by the Reiknal position. The next in line are the Makochdoý or Leaders. They each control a certain aspect of Terran life, an example may be Makochdo der Achsin or Leader of Education.

Current Positions and Leaders

  • Reikn: Kaizer Kastro
  • Demo-Reikn: Aralk Jekal
  • Makoch-do Der GropenHaizer Yotn Taitus
  • Makoch-do Der Achsin Etiyan Rubi
  • Makoch-do Der TSEKA Jeríd Galka
  • Makoch-do Der Mediko Destino Forchnn

History Of Terra

The Nation of Terra was founded September 8th 12,016 ([Holocene calendar]) after the completion of the nations anthem "Our Red Banner". The unofficial governing faction which back then, only consisted of Reikn Kaizer Castro and Demo-Reikn Aralk agreed that they would not be an official country without an official flag, territory and an anthem. September 8th marks the day that all three requirements were met. Terra formed in a legal neutral zone next to a railroad creek near Kaizer's house.

Past Conflicts

「May 17th. 12,019 6:45-7:00PM RCT」


「September 18th. 12,019 1:00AM RCT」