The NY Cops

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The NY Cops
Genre Comedy
Created by Alexander Reinhardt
Written by Alexander Reinhardt
Leonard Von Sternberg
Starring Alexander Reinhardt
Leonard Von Sternberg
Fabiana Gallo della Loggia
Theme music composer Stephen Phillips, Tim P.
Country of origin St.Charlie
Language English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 3
Executive Producers(s) Alexander Reinhardt
Leonard Von Sternberg
Running time 9-17 min
Original channel St.Charlie 1
Also broadcast on SBC TV
Picture format 4:3 SDTV (season 1)
16:9 SDTV (seasons 2-3)
Original run November 20, 2010 – present

The NY Cops is a St.Charlian television series created by Alexander Reinhardt and produced by the St.Charlie Broadcasting Network. It premiered on St.Charlie 1 on November 20, 2010. The show follows NYPD police officers Reinhardt (Alexander Reinhardt) and Caruso (Leonard Von Sternberg) as they patrol the streets of New York to keep good order, usually failing at the endeavour spectacularly.

The show is a parody of reality police shows such as Cops, with traffic patrols, drug busts, gunfights and office work portrayed as too advanced for Reinhardt and Caruso, who usually bungle whatever task they are undertaking at the time. Their duties frequently bring them into contact with several criminals and other deviants, the majority of whom are played by St.Charlian politician Fabiana Gallo della Loggia.

The show is set in New York City but is actually filmed in District, St.Charlie (until season 3).


Title Plot Airdate Notes
1 NY COPS: Season 1 Reinhardt and Caruso hit the streets with their usual bumbling ineptitude, especially after conducting a drug raid... on the wrong house. November 20, 2010 Debut of Reinhardt and Caruso.
Runtime: 9:04
2 The NY COPS: Season Two - Part One Traffic violations and gun crime would be the order of the day if Caruso could make it to the patrol car on time. May 2, 2011 Dedicated to late St.Charlian journalist Nick Maggiore.
Runtime: 9:12
The NY COPS: Season Two - Part One Caruso and Reinhardt have seized several bags of cocaine from a group of kindergartners (who were manufacturing the substance), but the amount that was seized does not match the amount that makes its way back to the station. May 3, 2011 Runtime: 8:03
3 The NY COPS: Season Three - Episode 1 Several kilograms of cocaine and $500,000 must be retrieved by the officers of the New York Police Department, but as Caruso finds out, the raid is not all it seems. September 25, 2011 Runtime: 10:36