The Most Serene Judaistic Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan

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The Most Serene Judaistic Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan
Самая Спокойная Народно-Демократическая Республика Провинций и Великих Конфедератов Хенристана (Russian)
ԪᵫꞤPИCTAHA (Henristani Loconianic-Loconianic alphabet)

Henristan Flag
Flag of The Henristan Greater Confederates

Industry is Achieving
The Internationale
Macon, Georgia, USA
Capital cityBowman
Largest cityVladimirgorod
Official language(s)Henristani Loconianic, Henristani English, Russian, Hebrew
Official religion(s)Judaism
DemonymHenristani, Henraic
GovernmentConfederative Pollocracy
- PremierHenry Blankenship
- PresidentGravis Sonjiuson
LegislaturePeoples Seima
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedSeptember 30, 2013
Area claimedTotal about 5 square miles
CurrencyMarx and Klon (Ѻ and Ѿ)
Time zoneEST
National drinkRoot Beer
National animalSquirrel

The Most Serene Peoples Democratic Republic of the Provinces and Greater Confederates of Henristan (or the PDRH standing for Peoples Democratic Republic of Henristan) Is a nation that exists completely as an enclave of Macon Georgia at a bend on the Ocmulgee River. It is divided into nine separate province. Henristan is considered a Federal Republic With the Premier as a permanent executive position. The capital is Bowman. Henristan is the first and only nation in the world to be run under a Pollocracy style of government. Blankenship also has a preference to have Henristan referred to as a nation not a micro nation as he finds the term insulting.


The name of the nation is based on the first name of its founder Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D..


Early Years

Henristan in its essence was originally founded in 2013 as Henrastan by Dr. Henry Blankenship J.D. . Henrastan would engage is basic diplomacy and conflict with other nations for several years until 2015 when the nation underwent its first major change. In 2015 Henrastan would gain it's own basic constitution and land claims following the land claims made by Blankenship on Coleman hill. Coleman Hill remains one of Henristans greatest battlegrounds as it is still held by enemy powers. In a 2019 speech Blankenship called it "The Henristani Israel". Henristan Would move out of this era throughout 2016 and 2017 as it advanced its government and national identity to be closer to modern culture in the nation.

Development Era

In 2017 the nations name was changed to Henristan and the nation gained the title of The most serene peoples democratic republic of the provinces and greater confederates (of Henristan). The official system of government was changed to Pollocracy after Blankenship had The Great Epiphany on development of ideals and standards in governance. The nations first war was the 40 minutes war, in which Henristani troops fought over Coleman Hill and lost starting a long lasting power struggle in the government of Henristan. Henristans first large and important war was the Henristani Manifesto War in 2017, A war against a nation calling themselves The Jackson Springs Rebuplic. During the war Henristan gained what is now known as Pridelands Territory. Near the end of 2017 the Henristani Legislature known as the Peoples Seima. One of the first acts of the Seima was to pass Act 1 which insured greater standards of democracy by allowing Blankenship to stay as Premier for life. The birth of the Seima also brought about Henristans first political party the Henristan Party. In 2018 Henristan established its official roads system Known simply as Henristani Routes . In 2018 a new constitution was put in place that gave the Premier more powers including the ability to pass legislation through the Seima without input from the legislatures themselves. This allowed him to fast-track legislation creating higher government efficiency. The same year Upper Ocmulgee territory was split into Northwestern Province, Upper Ocmulgee, And Arkwright Province.

Modern/Online Era

Flag of the Eastern Federation of Socialist States

On new years eve 2018 the nation formed a new alliance known as The Eastern Federation of Socialist States with the nations of Triferson and The Tri Star Empire. In early 2019 Blankenship learned about the online Micronational community and began creating Henristan related articles on Microwiki. Blankenship also began showing interest in diplomacy and first started attempting to get into several inter-micronational-organizations. During the course of 2019 Blankenship began the war in Backshlema, The war wouldn't end until later that year making it the longest conflict Henristan was ever involved in. In 2019 Blankenship began testing a new communications system using fax modems over radio to receive long distance visual messages within the nations infrastructure limit. The System called H-Net is still in trial fazes and only has two currently operational modems, Neither of which are permanently installed. On New Years of 2020 Henristan was Re-Established as a state with Judaism as the official religion. In January of 2020 Blankenship publicly revealed documents relating to his war effort in Falkisnoven. The documents had been censored due to the bad public image that having a war of conquest in an innocent nation would have. Blankenship said in a statement "Am I sorry for what happened in The Falkisnoven, No. Am I Sorry for not revealing these details publicly, Yes, Yes I am, and I hope that The Falkis can forgive us and allow the 2020s to be an era of friendship not fighting.". Blankenship has also stated that he feels a good next step would be "A less Blankenship Centric Henristan". Meaning he wants to move more power and representation to the peoples. Moving into 2020 Henristan's growth was halted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic but Blankenship has plans to move forward with the national expansion in following the fallback of new COVID cases.


A map of Henristan and its provinces

The Geography of Henristan varys from province to province. Eastern Province Southern Province, Northeastern Province, Upper Ocmulgee, and The province of Arkwright and Sabbath are all seasonally flooded when the ocmulgee river floods. Western Province, Central Province, and Central Henristan all are considered highland provinces and are located much higher above river level. Both Western Province and Central Henristan are almost entirely meadow. In fact Central Henristan is officially nicknamed The Highland Plains Province. Across the river from Eastern Province is Fallen Mans Bluff (formerly Blankenship) a large cliff face made of granite.

Roads and transit

The nations main roads are

Route 50 (HR50) which runs in a ring around Central Province and is the nations longest complete road

Route 95 (HR95) runs a loop around Central Henristan and exists within HR50

Route 65 (HR65) runs from HR95 to HR35 and allows for a bypass of HR50 to HR35

Route 35 (HR35) runs from the southwestern most edge of HR50 to its terminus at HR315

Route 15 (HR15-The Inner Bypass) Allows a bypass of HR50 meeting with HR35 and allows access to HR95 via its intersection with HR65

Auxiliary routes- All auxiliary routes are numbered 5 plus the name of their parent route i.e. HR565

Autoways- Autoways are roads designed for automobiles the are numbered with a number that is a multiple of five with a 3 in front i.e. HR315

Outback routes- are all gauged like normal roads but are not paved and have a 2 in front of the name

Outback Route 275 (HRO275)

Outback Route 265 (HRO265)

Outback Route 225 (HRO225) Built in three different sections ( HRO225A, HRO225B, HRO225C). Section C is still partially incomplete.

Business routes-All Business routes have a B in front of the HR i.e. BHRO265

Future Routes

Outback Route 235 (HRO235)

HR50 road sign


The nations soul national park is Great dividing swamp N.P. Which comprises of the seasonal swamp that divides Eastern and Central Provinces. It is mostly sand dunes which were formed by the ocmulgee river flowing through the swamp. The nation also operates two nature preserves Great Sand Dunes P.A. and Land Between the Levees P.A.. In 2020 Blankenship Decided to change focus towards more parks and announced that a new park Little Rock Island N.P. would open some point in 2021.

Law and Order

The nation has a opted away from a Police force and instead instated a system where citizens are rewarded for reporting and stopping crimes. If necessary the Military could be used in any sort of dangerous situation.

Henristani Domestic Intelligence Agency

The Domestic Intelligence Agency is Henristans internal affairs detectives department largely dealing with subjects such as finding political or military dissenters and denting Stezipolezo to remove them.

Stezipolezo (Stezapolezei)

The Henristani Stezipolezo or Stezapolezei is the Henristani special forces police unit. It's operations are largely secret and unknown to the public. The only known deployment was during the War in Falkisnoven as crowd suppressors.

Culture and Language

The nations official languages are Henristani Loconianic, Russian, and Henristani English. Russian is the official language of Central Henristan, Eastern Province, and Southern Province. The remaining six provinces officially speak Henristani Loconianic and Henritsani English. the culture of henristan is mostly that of the southeastern united states with many carrying over a southern accent.


On the first of the year 2020 A.D. a bill was signed byPremier Blankenship creating the new national religion of Judaism. Henristan subsequently changed its constitution to include mention of Judaism in its name.


The national sport of Henristan is lacrosse. The nation currently only has a few university lacrosse players which compete each year. Another popular Henristani sport is kickboxing. Premier Blankenship once suggested founding an intermicronational kickboxing team but then said "(sigh) You know, its not like that many [Micro]nations have a kickboxing team" and hasn't talked about it since. Henristan's government doesn't endorse Frisbee but it is still ever popular in Western Province and Central Henristan where fields are abundant.


Traditional Henristani food include Fried chicken, heavy turkey sausage, pork or beef brisket, green beans, peppers, bread, biscuits, and pork sausage. Traditionally Henristani's eat four meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and Dinner. (supper is more of a heavy snack traditionally eaten between two o' clock and four o' clock) Traditionally a Breakfast comprises of pancake or waffle, Fried Chicken, sausage, and a biscuit all served at once. Lunch generally contains chicken, sausage, beef, and bread with green beans served on the side. Supper is generally a medium sandwich or a platter of sausage. Dinner is eaten in several courses, the first being drinks, bread, and a light serving of meat. The second is generally similar to lunch except with larger portions. The final course of the meal is a dessert. The national food of Henristan is the Dinner Biscuit.


The nation only has one media outlet the Henristani National Information and Entertainment Bereau. The NIEB owns the Henristani Times and all associated local editions as well as HNIE the nations first and only radio station.


The national currency of Henristan is the Marx and the Klon (Ѻ and Ѿ). One Marx is equal to one United States Dollar and one Klon is one tenth of a Marx.

Armed Forces

Parade Flag (Only Flown By Armed Forces)

The armed forces of Henristan are known as The Henristani Armed Forces (HAF). They are split into two branches and one sub-branch, The Henristani Army, The Henristani Naval Force, and the Henristani Air Force (which is a sub-branch). Currently there is two Army battalions, one Naval Force battalion, and the Air Force is split throughout the battalions (along with one squad but not a full battalion). They are as follow

Army Battalions

1st infantry division

2nd infantry division

Naval Force Battalions

1st Warship battalion

Air Force (Squad level)

1st Rocketry Corps

Planned Disarmament

Blankenship has announced plans to fully disarm abroad forces by 2022 in order to lessen Henristans perception as a proponent of micronational warfare. Blankenship has stated that he plans on keeping domestic defense forces active for border control and safety. All of this is part of Blankenships planned "Reform Now" program which he started in February of 2020 to create more democracy and peace in Henristan to make it more viable for future large scale diplomatic relations.

Weapons Testing

Until 2019 Henristan was testing secret low level explosive and gas Grenades largely to temporarily incapacitate enemies on the battlefield. The program was shut down due to concerns over the perception of owning such weapons by other Micronations

Air Force

The Air Force is the newest branch of the armed forces. It was established on paper February 22, 2019 but only went into service March 14, 2019. It is comprised of mostly drones and small rockets and is spread throughout The Naval Force and The Army with the exception of The 1st Rocketry Corps. The 1st Rocketry Corps is in charge of all of the nations rocketry programs and is currently controlled by a committee of three (Including the Premier) from the Peoples Seima. Currently they are working on developing small rockets for reconnaissance missions and for, in worst case scenario, being launched at the enemy. The other soldiers in the Naval Force and The Army are specialists that operate drones for reconnaissance purposes (but once again in worst case scenario may be charged at the enemy). Currently The 1st Rocket Corps is headquartered at Jacksonburg Army Base and the drone specialists are located at several different army and naval bases (including Jacksonburg).

Military Ranks

The highest rank is Chief Grand Marshall, who controls all of the battalions in the HAF. Below The Chief Grand Marshall is a corporal general who controls one battalion (in the Naval Force it is called an Admiral). In each battalion there are four squads each controlled by a captain. The captain is the lowest officer rank

Armed Forces Bases

Johnstonburg slips- The nations main naval base with access to the Ocmulgee River

Uzhin Army Naval Base- The nations main army naval base with access to both land and the Ocmulgee river

Jacksonsburg Army Base- The main army base of Henristan along with being the home of The Henristani Air Force


The Uniform or yedinoobraznyy is comprised of an olive green tactical shirt with epaulets, olive green (army), Or Khaki (naval Force) pants, and a Brown hat or korichnevyy for the army, or a khaki hat or хакn for the naval force. The Air Force wears the uniform of the branch they are working in except they also wear a bag for their drone or rocket kit along with an black hat.

Foreign Relations

The nation is only engaged in relations with members of The Eastern Federation of Socialist States and is somewhat isolationist

Henristani Foreign Security and Safety Protocol Agency

The FSSPA is Henristan's foreign intelligence gathering initiative. The agency currently has files kept on multiple larger GUM states as well as several prominent micronationalists. The FSSPA currently has physical offices outside of Henristan in one place at the government center in Falkisnoven but the complex is unoccupied currently after the Liberation of Falkisnoven. the FSSPA is planning future operation expansions into areas outside of being immediately close to Henristan.

Border Security

The Henristani Border security squadron or Pogranichnik is mostly dormant until it is needed and is made up of members of the 2nd Infantry Division. The only open gate to Henristan is a large yellow border gate over the road and about five feet away is a level crossing over train tracks. Both the gate and train tracks make the border easy to close when necessary. The Pogranichnik wear the normal Henristani Armed Forces uniform with a Green Hat.

Education System

In 2020 Blankenship consolidated the Universities into Henristan University which offers degrees in relevant topics for a citizen of modern Henristan.


The Government of Henristan though self described as a democracy is much less democratic and is largely led by the Premier.


The Premier is the leader of Henristan. He is responsible for managing the defense forces of the nation as well as polling in new politicians and approving new legislation passed by the Seima. The Premier has been criticized for having to much power and influence in the government especially after Act 1 passed which essentially invalidated the Seima's purpose just as it was founded.


The President is the head of the peoples Seima. The position holds little power and is largely responsible for managing and running the Seima.

Peoples Seima

The Peoples Seima is Henristan's legislature it is named after the Legislatures of Latvia and Lithuania. In the modern day to day governance of Henristan the Seima has no real power and can easily be overridden by the Premier. The Seima has 18 seats of which only 15 are currently filled. There are 2 members from each province.


Henristan is a Pollocracy. In a Pollocracy people vote for issues they want solved not politicians themselves. Then a strong central leader (The Premier) appoints politicians to the Seima based on peoples opinions on issues in the election. A criticism of this system is that Blankenship can appoint anyone he wants to the Legislature even if they may not agree with the issues they were polled in for.

Government Locations and Buildings

The legislative building or as its officially known The Seima House is located in bowman with a view of the Ocmulgee River. The Premiers residence or Premieral is located in Johnsonburg. The judicial branch is held in rotating locations throughout the nation.

Politics of Henristan

Henristan is generally more socially conservative than other nations. As a one Party state Henristan is ruled by the Henristan party, which puts focus on nationalism, social conservatism, Judaistic priority, and Socialist economic ideals. Heading into 2020 Blankenship has begun his "Reform NOW" program which has attempted to change Henristans politics and government to be more free and to create a more attractive state for diplomatic relations.



Bowman- The capital and second largest city. Located on the ocmulgee river and contains the Peoples Seima House.

The Peoples Seima House

Johnstonburg- The third largest city located near Central Province's border with Eastern Province. It is home to the Premier's personal residence. It is located largely on a large Island known as Johnstonburg island and because of its island location it is frequent to flooding.

Vladimirgorod- The largest city and capital of Central Province. It is located on the ocmulgee river but is high up on a cliff and thus never floods. It is sometimes the nations judicial capital.

Uzhin- The capital of Eastern Province and the largest city in the lowlands area of the nation. It has the river Ovozyon flowing through it and is a major port. It also contains the nations main army naval base.


Central Province Is known by the nickname The grand old province. It was the first province of Henristan and the second largest (The largest being Upper Ocmulgee). It is also Premier Blankenship's home province and home to the nations largest city Vladimirgorod.

Eastern Province It is nicknamed The outback Province because it has no paved roads and is mostly wooded. It is home to the majority of the nations national parks and preserves along with lake Blankenship, the nations main (and only) lake.

Western Province It is nicknamed The meadowlands province because of its large meadow which consumes all of the province plus south Northern Province it also borders The Bowman Capital Administration Territory and provides access to southern province.

Southern Province It is nicknamed The Province Down Under because it is the southernmost province. It also is extremely small and exists mostly as a strip of land between the ocmulgee river and u.s. interstate 75.

Central Henristan It is nicknamed The highland plains province because it is mostly plains and is the highest point in the nation.

Northern Province It is nicknamed the Land of many streams because it has five separate streams flowing through it (including the hell river which Premier Blankenship named after he fell in its twenty foot deep muddy ditch and couldn't get out and is quoted of saying "This is hell's river" followed by several curses).

Northeastern Province It is called The land of northern trees because it is very forested and by then the trees are very different from those of southern province. It was formerly part of Upper Ocmulgee Territory and Northern Province.

Upper Ocmulgee It is called The River province because it holds thhe longest span of contiguous riverfront. It is also the largest of any province.

Arkwright and Jones Banks The northernmost Province it gets its name from the great sand bar on the ocmulgee river near the province.

Other Territories

Yargo territory-A large plot of land held collectively by The Eastern Federation of Socialist States

Pridelands Territory-The original land on which henristan was founded

Hartwell Islands-A chain of island in lake Hartwell

Isle of Circe-A large Island in lake Hartwell

Isle of Anderson-A large island in lake Hartwell

Bowman Capital Administration Territory-The capital territory. It is a an exclave of Western Province

Backshlema Territory-The territory gained after victory in the Backshlema War

National flags

Western Province and Northern Province all fly the Inner Provincial flag while Northeastern Province, Upper ocmulgee, and Arkwright and Sabbath all fly the flag of former Upper Ocmulgee territory. Eastern Province, Southern Province, and Central Henristan all fly the Russo Henristan Flag. Central Province is the only province with its own flag. The national parade flag is only flown on special occasions, parades, and in military installations.