Monarchist Party (Flammancia)

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Monarchist Party
ChairpersonJamie Giles
Headquarters(Temporary) Sydney, Australia
IdeologyLiberal Socialism
ColoursGold and Purple
None of yet.

This page is about the Monarchist Party of Marland. For more information on the Republic of Marland, go to its page

The Monarchist Party was the second party in Marland. It was founded by member David Ross, a member of the Council of the Sea, who decided that a monarchy was the best way to go for Marland. Its main opposition is the Marlandic National Party. It has now come under a change of name in the newly renamed republic, where the name was changed to Flammancia, and is now known as the Flammancian Liberal Party.


The Monarchist Party exists as a party wanting to introduce royalty to Marland. They also wish to introduce a military, language, and other defining features of a Micronation. They exist for the right of the person rather than the community.