The Micronational Empire of Thebes

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The Micronational Empire of Thebes
The Government and Elective Monarchy of Thebes and its People
Theban Cross.jpg

"Sed oblivione acriter."

Short Name Thebes
Demonym Theban
Capital City New Thebes
Largest City Ramius
Official Language English
Population 85 (as of 2019 census data)
Religions All Religions are accepted
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time

- Type of Government Elective Monarchy with an Oligarchic Administration

- Last Election June 2019

- Currency Iliami
- Currency Value 1 Illiami equal to 23 USD

The Micronational Empire of Thebes (Also known as the Government and Elective Monarchy of Thebes and its People) is a micronation founded in 2019 by Eithan Ackerman and Charles Miller. It rules several territories on Lake Gaston, Virginia. It is currently led by King Charles I. It has a population of about 77 and has conquered several other micronations.



Thebes was founded by Eithan Ackerman and Charles Miller on June 19, 2019. Eithan Ackerman was declared the first king and became Eithan I of Thebes. Charles Miller became the first vizier in Thebes. His brother, James Miller became Consul of Law Enforcement the following day. In the next few days, several key members of Thebes would join. Declan Welsh became the Consul of Military. Cayden Ludlow became the Consul of Technology. Alex Savage became Consul of Education and Knowledge. The government was laid out and the island of Cadmea was annexed and named. The capital, New Thebes, was founded. After several weeks, Thebes was a fully functional nation.

The Garf Conflict

On June 30, 2019, Nicholas Gage was appointed head of the military. The following morning of June 31, 2019, Nicholas Gage and James Miller seceded from Thebes as the Garf Nation, with Nicholas serving as King Nicholas I. A brief battle ensured, with no casualties or clear winner, known as the Battle of Becusa. A treaty was called between the two nations. That very day, the Garf Nation expanded to six members, including Nicholas's siblings, Caroline and Abraham Gage. After several days, however, only 3 members of the Garf Nation remained, Nicholas I, James Miller, and Abraham Gage. Several, including Caroline Gage, joined Thebes, while others simply left. On July 5, 2019, Abraham Gage left the Garf Nation and replaced James Miller as Consul of Law Enforcement. Then, later that same day, there was a schism between Nicholas I and James Miller. Nicholas I abdicated the throne and declared his independence from the Garf Nation, becoming Nicholas I of Sparta. James Miller succeeded the throne as James I. The next week he conquered a chain of uninhabited islands near Cadmea and prepared for war on Thebes. He changed his mind, however, and wrote a treaty with Thebes. James I became James Miller, Consul of Citizenship. The Garf Nation dissolved, and its land went to Thebes.


After the Garf Conflict, Thebes began rapidly expanding, going from about 15 citizens to 50 citizens. During this time most government positions were filled out. The provinces of Millerus and Ackermanus were annexed, as well as Ludlow Island. An election was held among the consuls to decide who would become the next Vizier of Thebes. Charles Miller was elected King Charles I, and Alex Savage became vizier. Eithan Ackerman became the Consul of Education and Knowledge.

A Time of Expansion and Conquest

Meme War

On August 20, 2019, William O'brien, a citizen of Thebes, declared himself King William I of the Meme Nation. Within a day, the Meme Nation had 15 members, several of them Theban citizens and politicians. Each nation installed spies in the other. Meme Nation aggressively declared war on Thebes. No battles were fought however, and after several weeks the Meme Government collapsed. William I dissolved the Meme Nation.


Caleb Chapman, bodyguard to Charles, briefly declared independence from Thebes and became Caleb I of Troy. After four days, however, Troy wished to be absorbed back into Thebes. No penalties were given to Caleb Chapman.

New Provinces

The provinces of Oedipo, Thunderbirda, Dominicus, and Laiusa were recently annexed by Thebes. Oedipo, Thunderbirda, and Dominicus are located in land the United States claims for the American state of North Carolina, while Laiusa is located on Lake Gaston.

The Mugie War

Kody Ludlow, brother of Cayden Ludlow and citizen of Thebes, was unhappy with the creation of Oedipo, which included land in his backyard. He declared himself independent from Thebes, and was crowned Emperor Lekolilo I of the Mugie. After about two weeks of fighting between Mugie and Thebes, a treaty was written by Charles I which disbanded the Mugie, ended the dispute over land, and made Emperor Lekolilo into Lekolilo Ludlow, governor of Oedipo.


Usyllia (The Peoples Republic of Usyllia) was a micronation led by Harley Mumfrey and declared war on Thebes on Thursday October 3 2019 at 10:15 am. However, in a deal comprised between Cayden Ludlow and Harley Mumfrey, Harley agreed to join Thebes, as long as the government treated him fairly. The deal was signed days after the formation of Usyllia.


The Theban government consists of a king, a vizier, 12 consuls, the Jury of Twelve, and governors. The king is a consul elected by other consuls to that term. The vizier, his second-in-command, is also elected by the consuls. Each consul oversees a different faction of the government. There are 12 consuls:

The Jury of Twelve consists of twelve Jurors and is headed by the vizier. The Jurors are elected by citizens, appointed by the king, or appointed by the vizier.

Land Holdings


Thebes has eight provinces.They are:

Five of the provinces are located on Lake Gaston, while three are located near the American settlement of Apex.


Thebes has three territories. They are:

Two are nature preserves on Lake Gaston, while one is located in the Outer Banks.


Thebes currently has two flags:


Thebes has ten cities so far. They are:

Most of them are located on Lake Gaston.