Lyteran War of the Crown

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The Lyteran War of the Crown
The Bloody Revolution
The Royal Gardens six months later, damage to the wall can still be seen
Date21 August 2017
Result Decisive Alexandrian Victory
King Matthew forced to abdicate
Lytera flag.png Alexandrian Supporters Lytera flag.png Matthewian Supporters
Commanders and leaders
Lytera flag.png Grand Duke Alexander
Lytera flag.png Duchess Megan
Lytera flag.png Duke Owen
Lytera flag.png King Matthew
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The Lyteran Civil War, also known as The Lyteran War of the Crown or The Bloody Revolution was a swift uprising against King Matthew of Lytera. The war began after Grand Duke Alexander protested the harsh laws Matthew planned to introduce, citing the fact that the two of them should be equal. Matthew retaliated by tricking Alex and locking him in a room in the Imperial Household. However, the King failed to realise the fact that the royal family supported his brother more then him. Consequently, Alexander was freed by Duke Owen, and with the help of Duchess Megan, engaged in a full on combat with Matthew in the Royal Gardens. While the Alexandrian supports had the manpower, Matthew had stockpiled nerf guns and other weapons, including a wooden sword. By the end of the day, the King had used up all his ammunition and broken his sword. However, Duke Owen had been hit in the eye during the combat, and was escorted to safety. Not long after, the King was captured, and forced into an unconditional surrender, where he signed his right to the throne to his brother. Duchess Megan became second in line to the throne as a show of goodwill for her support.


From the 17th to the 23rd of march, Megan and Owen, the Kings cousins were staying round. On the 19th, King Matthew's birthday, he proclaimed his right to the throne, and this agreement was ratified by his cousins and brother. His brother kept his title of Grand Duke, and his cousins received the titles of Duchess and Duke. Issues were already noticed when the King proclaimed only he would be making laws.



17th - Megan and Owen arrive.

19th - King Matthew's Birthday

19th - 5PM - King Matthew proclaims the Kingdom of Lytera

19th - 7PM - King Matthew decrees his first laws, restricting governing control to him alone.

19th - 7:30PM - King Matthew awards Megan and Owen their titles.

19th - 10PM - King Matthew and Duke Owen go to sleep.

19th - 11PM - Grand Duke Alexander and Duchess Megan discuss their concerns over a singular leader.

20th - 1PM - King Matthew declares martial law after an argument.

20th - 5PM - King Matthew and Grand Duke Alexander discuss his authoritarian actions.

20th - 6PM - Grand Duke Alexander, Duke Owen and Duchess Megan form a pact to protect themselves from his tyranny.

21st - 7AM - Grand Duke Alexander argues with King Matthew over a new law that restricted freedom of movement.

21st - 8AM - Grand Duke Alexander is tricked and locked in the Imperial Residence.

21st - 8:30AM - Grand Duke Alexander is rescued by Duke Owen in secret.

21st - 9AM - Grand Duke Alexander, Megan and Owen declare war on King Matthew to usurp him.

21st - 12PM - Matthew flees to Shedland and stockpiles weapons

21st - 1PM - The two sides meet in the royal gardens and begin to fight.

21st - 2PM - An hour of shooting at each other causes Owen to be hit, Duchess Megan and Grand Duke Alexander carry him to safety.

21st - 2:20PM - The two sides resume fighting, with the royal garden wall receiving a hit from Matthew, cracking it.

21st - 3PM - Megan and Alex disarm and pin the King to the floor.

21st - 4PM - The Treaty of Cavendish is signed, ending the King's reign, Alexander has his coronation.