The Legislative Rules Act

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The Legislative Rules Act was the first Act of the Federal Republic of Arkonia.

Full Text of the act

WHEREAS the Federal Republic of Arkonia needs rules on how Bills, Acts, and Resolutions are submitted;

WHEREAS these rules should be relatively simple, as to not make the process to long and bureaucratic;

THEREFORE the Federal Republic of Arkonia authorizes this Act as law.

Article I(terms used)


The “heading” shall be meant to be the 5(five) lines at the top on the left side at the top of every page, in the heading.


An “article” shall be considered a major section of an article, and the section sign(§) shall be considered a subsection of an article. A number inside parentheses (e.g. (1), (2)) shall be considered a subsection of a section. A lowercase letter inside parentheses shall be considered a subsection of a subsection, and a lowercase roman numeral inside parentheses shall be considered a subsection of a subsection of a subsection.

Article II(Design and Style)


Every Act should be in the “Times New Roman” font in size 14.


If the line currently on has an article heading, it must be underlined.


There must be a line space between each section(and subsection) and after the last section. However, there cannot be a line space before the first section.


All text must be set to “Justified”.


The heading must be put in a dedicated “header” section, which shall have a .25 top margin.

Article III(Text)



The First line of the heading shall say the name for the Act(in this article, the “given name”.).


The Second Line shall say, “Act _ of the _ Congress”, with the first underscore being numbered in the order that it was submitted to Congress, and the second underscore being numbered in which Congress it was submitted(in this article, the “numerical name”).


The Third Line shall state the Month and year in which the bill was submitted.(in this article, the “month and year”.)


The Fourth Line shall state the sponsor(sponsors, if applicable) of the bill.(in this article, the “sponsorship”.)


The Fifth Line shall state the Act/Bills status. This includes if it passed or failed. If it passed, it must also state the number of people who voted for the bill/act and the number of people who did not vote for the bill/act.


Every article should have the section sign(§) unless there is only one section in the article, in which there will be no section sign.


All Acts/Bills/Resolutions must begin with at least one WHEREAS statement, and should be followed by at least one THEREFORE statement.