The Legion

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The Legion
Founded March 16, 2014
Headquarters City of San-Logan, Utah State Territory (KUR)
General nature Mercenary Army
Director Seth Donnell
Commander Dixon Richards
1st/2nd Field Infantry Regiments
3rd Intelligence Command
Several KURA Units
General information
Standard weapon [1](Airsoft)

The Legion (TRN) is the biggest mercenary army of the Kid United Republic and one of the most effective military forces in the region.


The Legion was created on 16 March 2014, originally created to offer provided protection for KUR Leaders and VIPs at school. Then after a couple of months, President Jackson P. Cole asked the Director for full time services in return for undisclosed amounts of money per year. Later in 2015, The Legion was involved with two wars (KUCW,PW). After faithfully served with flying colors in the Kid United Civil War, Kid United Republic Congress issued the Legion as a full time partner. Later in 2015, The Legion was given $200 to expand and after two months The Legion originally had five units but presently it has doubled to ten units.


The Legion's organization is based off the Kid United Republic's Army. It has several units that make up The Legion. All units are lead by the Commander which directly reports to the Director. In each separate unit they are lead by a "Commissar." Which then follows to a Major and so on.

Military bases of the Army (typically called Forts) are always under the command of a commissioned officer (usually a Captain). Largest ones,such as Hyrum Canyon Camp and the Tiller Base has usually has a typical number of 5-10 most carry at least one Drill Sergeant. There is a total 5 bases (Camps, Forts, Etc...) in The Legion.


The equipment of The Legion is usually is sufficient for each soldier. All soldiers where a Legion uniform or Vietnam/WW2 uniforms and all are given a Legion helmet which is a greenish blackish color. Most clothing a Legion Soldier wears matches the season. In a typical pack of a soldier would carry: A standard issue M14 Airsoft rifle, a airsoft pistol (Any), 4 airsoft grenades, a Legion walkie-talkie, and a small first aid kit, and 10 small cases of airsoft pelts.


Twice a year, the Legion Army sets up a Military Training Camp for Military Tactics, History and Physical Training.