The Leaves of Oak

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Flag Map of Andany.png This article relates to the Principality of Andany. CoA Andany.png
The Leaves of Oak

Leaves of Oak.png

National anthem of the
Andanyflag.png Principality of Andany

Music Pablo "Lyon" Macias, c. 2017
Adopted July 25, 2017

Audio sample

"The Leaves of Oak" is the national anthem of the Principality of Andany. The time of duration is 00:01:17 (hour:minute:second). "The Leaves of Oak" was recognized for official use by the Principality of Andany in 2017 by Andanian Prince, Pablo "Lyon" Macias in 2017. It was made the national anthem by a congressional resolution on July 25, 2017, which was signed by Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macias.


O. land of the free by the sea, our manhood we pledge to thy liberty! Hasten to battle, men of Andany! The motherland looks proudly to you; Do not fear a glorious death, because to die for the motherland is to live. Brave the enemy's fire, March on! Long live my homeland, my free Andany! May justice spread over the country!

Native bird that lives in your seal, the protector of your soil; May it fly high more than the condor and the royal seagull! The Autumn skies are void and vast, high and cloudless; The bright moon is like our heart, undivided and true.

The daughter of the sea and the sun. No tyrants here linger, despots must flee. This tranquil haven of democracy. Brave the enemy's fire, March on!