Kingdom of the Lands of Gary

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The Kingdom of the Lands of Gary
Flag of Lands of Gary.jpg Flag


Capital citynone, HQ in Winchester, United Kingdom
Official language(s)Russian
Official religion(s)None
Short nameThe Lands of Gary
- KingHRH King Gary Inglish
- Lord of the CoucilOffice to be Established
LegislaturePeople's Council
Established16 July2015
Area claimednone
Population2 (as of 1 August 2015)
CurrencyNone (Krona to be)

The Kingdom of the Lands of Gary is a micronation founded on 16th of July 2015.



According to the declaration of the establishment, The Lands of Gary shares a history with another micronation. That is Duchy of South Land of Gary which is a part of Baltic Principality. HRH King Gary Inglish who is also a Duke of South Land of Gary and a Governor of Baltic Principality until 15th of July 2015 decided to establish another micronation after several crises have struck and killed once mighty Baltic Principality. Although the Lands of Gary claim to share history and traditions with Dutchy of South Land of Gary, the Lands of Gary have no territorial or any other claims towards Baltiya.

Government and politics

At the present moment state is runned by HRH King Gary Inglish which makes it an absolute monarchy. However, once the population will increase the plans for constitutional monarchy will be brought forward. As the Royal Decree 01/28/07/2015 states, one of the plans for the next 6 months is to continue to plan the Main Law (constitution).
Everything is divided in to Departments for the assistance of HRH the King in running of a state. At the moment only Department of Foreign Affairs, Citizenship and Migration exists. However the Royal Decree 01/28/07/2015 states that until the end of the 2015 year Department responsible for the finance and economics should be established.

Law and order

At the present moment the keeper of law and order in the Kingdom is HRH the King, however the hope is that as population will increase, steps will be made for citizens to take keeping of the law and order in to their own hands.

Foreign relations

The Lands of Gary is attempting to establish friendly relations with other micronations, so far unsuccesful. HRH King Gary Inglish has been commenting on various issues of Russian Micronationalist Journal Live Micronations.


Military is non-existant at the present moment




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The Lands of Gary

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