The Kingdom of The North Pole

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Kingdom Of The North Pole

The North Pole
Capital cityTBD
Largest cityTBD
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity - However, Others are accepted
Short nameNorth Pole
Established19/05/2020 (Formally)
Area claimed31,430 square miles
Population8 (as of 2020 census)
CurrencyNorth Pole Dollar (NPD)
Pound Sterling (GBP)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportFootball (Soccer)
National animalSpotted Seal
Patron saintTBD

Kingdom of The North Pole


The official territory of The Kingdom of The North Pole Includes, But is not limited to, all Ice Caps, Ice Sheets, Free Flowing Ice along with any and all Land Masses which reside within a 100-mile radius of the North Pole at any given time

Pre Formal Establishment History

On 05/01/2018 Informally work began on what we know know as The Kingdom of The North Pole.


On the date 19/05/2020 we unilaterally declared the following

All land masses including but not limited to Ice Caps, Ice Sheets and Free Flowing Ice which reside within a 100-mile radius of the North Pole at any given time to be declared a state independent.

The newly formed state shall be called "The Kingdom of The North Pole" Therefore, We are formally declaring these lands independent.

The main goal of this is not limited to but includes, Promoting environmental sustainability and Keeping the wider world informed on the state of global warming

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

On the 10th of June 2020 The North pole became the brief target of a twitter spat from the so called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone