Kingdom of Suttornland

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Kingdom of Suttornland
Anthem: N/A
File:Western PA, United States
CapitalDe facto: Suttornland Capital District
Largest citySuttornland Capitol District
Official languagesDe facto: English
Demonym(s)Suttornlander, Suttornlandic
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Census
CurrencyU.S. Dollar (de facto)
Time zoneEastern Time
Part of the Micronational Union of North America

The Kingdom of Suttornland, more commonly known as Suttornland, is a self-declared non-sovereign state (micronation) surrounded by the United States of America. Suttornland declared independence from the United States of America on January 6, 2021 in a YouTube video. Its current ruler is King Anonymous I. It has official relations with the Kingdom of Salem, the Empire of Whitewind, and Tobania.


Randomly chosen to sound Anglo-Saxon.


Suttornland declared independence on January 26, 2021. March 2021 was particularly important for the expansion of Suttornland. It made an alliance with Imperial Kingdom of Salem on March 4. Later that month, it proposed the idea to make MUNA. It then officially joined. It also declared war on the Raiders that month, with conflicts ending in April. There were several Acts signed in June, mainly to revitalize and organize the Kingdom. There was a period of tense relations with the Urraca Pact, where Suttornland actually declared war for about 10 minutes. However, the Declaration of War was deleted because there was no practical way the Kingdom could assist the Liberation Coalition in a war that far away.

Politics and government

Absolute monarchy ruled by King Anonymous I,

Law and order

The Kingdom is an absolute monarchy, so the ruler decides all laws. However, there is no enforcement system in place as of Dec. 2021.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Suttornland has engaged in foreign relations with Tobania and the Imperial Kingdom of Salem.

Suttornland diplomatically supported the Liberation Coalition in the Great Des Plaines Valley War.


On 12:08 ET, 6/28/21, the military was reformed in the Military Reform Act. It is now consolidated into one force, the Combined Suttornlandic Military, known as the CSM. It is controlled directly by the King, who holds the rank of General Commandant. His second-in-command is the Grand Marshal, who advises the King and can take over the military if the King is absent or unable to command. If the King died or quit the nation without an heir, the Grand Marshal would be a major contender for the throne. Subordinate to the General Commandant and the Grand Marshal are the Marshals, who control far-flung units of the military. If the unit is close enough to the King, they are directly commanded by him. The Marshals still answer to the King, but they can basically make their own decisions. They can also appoint a Lieutenant Marshal, who functions similarly to the way the Grand Marshal serves the General Commandant/King. The military has only been in one conflict, the Raider War.

Most of the equipment used by the Suttornlandic Military is bought from the United States. The weapons are commonly NERF brand, with a few exceptions such as the pine cones or the so-called "Long-range slapper", also known as the glove on a string or glove for short.

See: September 11 Incident

Geography and climate

Suttornland is mostly in a bedroom. It gets almost no rain, so it is technically a desert, with the exception of the West Virginian fort. The fort has no name currently.


Suttorland has a extremely low population of people, very little economic growth happens within the micronation.

Culture and media

The culture of Suttornland is mainly American, due to large influence from the neighboring country. The media is largely nonexistent, with the exception of a single YouTube channel that occasionally has content on the Kingdom.

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