Kingdom of Stormhold

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The Kingdom of Stormhold
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Capital cityFalmouth
Largest citySt Austell
Official language(s)English,Latvian,Dutch,German
Official religion(s)Christian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- King Roadrunner IRoadrunner I
- Prime MinisterPaco
Established24ᵗʰ April 2019


Stormhold is a constitutional monarchy with a complete parliament made up of ministers each governing a different aspect of the government.The Parliamentary ministers advise the king of Stormhold and with permission of the standing monarchy can pass laws in the kingdom. the kingdom is split into several duchy's with a governor to manage each area.


King: Roadrunner I

Government roles

parliamentary ministers:

1. Obsidian - Secretary of state
2. Raolin Chamberstar - Minister of Defence
3. Kenneth Fydtroust - Minister of Finance
4. Maximums - Minister of domestic affairs
5. Christina Nowell - Minister of Foreign affairs

Duchy Govenors

1.Southern England - Kenneth Fydtroust
2.Northern England and Ireland - King Roadrunner I
3.Belgium - Raolin Chamberstar 
4.Latvia - Maximums


25/04/2019 Nation of Stormhold was founded by Roadrunner I 25/04/2019 the monarchy of Stormhold was founded by Roadrunner I 27/04/2019 the democratic advisory to the king was founded and parliament was opened at 12:00 BST 31/04/2019 parliament was granted power to make laws once signed by King roadrunner I 05/04/2019 Stormhold partially founded the United Allied Nations, in aim of micronational cooperation and better relations between Cornish micronations 07/05/2019 after arguments with the government of Fesmar war was declared on stormhold 07/05/2019 Stormhold claimed victory after a Fesmarian attack, peace was negotiated a matter of hours later 13/05/2019 after the collapse of the Empire of Fesmar the former lands were split between other micronations and amongst them was the newly founded F.P.R, formed by the exiled government of Fesmar before the empire collapsed


Stormhold is Primarily located in Southern England with several holdings in Northern England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Belgium and Latvia. We are very proud to be one of a select few Cornish Micronations.