Kingdom of Rafghanistan

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The Kingdom of Rafghanistan
Motto: "Vive bene sub Rex"
File:Location: Properties in possession of the king, much of Marie Byrd island
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Latin, Farsi
Demonym(s)Rafghan, Rafghani
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• King
Rafi II
• Prime Minister
Lukas I
• Secretary-General
Martin I
EstablishmentMarch 29, 2012
• Census

Rafghanistan, officially the Kingdom of Rafghanistan, was offically founded by Rafi II of Rafghanistan on March 29, 2012, but had some roots before going back to 2009, when Martin I, Grand Duke of Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands suggested he offically create the nation. At First, King Rafi II was reluctant, but Rafghanistan was founded. Rafghanistan was a member of the Eran Federation until it left on January 29, 2013.


The name of Rafghanistan comes from the name of the first king, Rafi II, and his ancestral homeland, Afghanistan.


While many cultures are present in Rafghanistan, but the prevailing one is steampunk. When one observes citizens, they will find many wear Victorian era clothing combined with modern technologies powered by a steam engine. Nearly all religions are present in Rafghanistan, But the most common is Islam, specifically from Afghanistan. For these reasons, some cultural elements have been inspired by Afghanistan. Etiquette is mainly inspired by Ameriican ones.


Rafghanistan, being a young nation, has few national holidays. However, it does have a day celebrating it's official forming, celebrated on March 29 every year. It also has first king's day, celebrating the birthday of the first and ruling king on August 9. All national holidays are commonly taken off by employees and will often involve a formal dinner.


Rafghanistan has five states. The first is the capital city of Rabul. It is lakefront and has the highest number of scientist-farmer cooperation projects. It is pioneering in space agriculture. The next state is Gralalabad. Due to its massive size and fertile soil, it consists of farmers and agricultural business. In addition to this, it has the largest laboratory. This laboratory is currently trying to figure out a way to genetically enhance crops to produce larger and hardier foods. The third state is RafakhShan. It is beachfront and is most popular among tourists. The fourth is Rafdahar. It is used as a residential area with the second highest population, just behind Rafbul. Many apartments are located here, and there are relatively few houses. The final state is Heraf. It is located near Walt Disney World, Florida and similar to its neighboring city, Heraf has many amusement parks and attracts tourism. Rafghanistan also claims Much of Marie Byrd Island, and is a massive majority of its landmass, but has the lowest population.


Rafghanistan is a nation that has a focus on agriculture and scientific development. The primary jobs in Rafghanistan are around these two fields, as it is a pioneering micronation in the fields of hydroponics and how agriculture would be in space. With these growing technologies, these two job sectors have begun to work in conjunction. In addition to these two fields, RafakhShan and Heraf have a large amount of tourism.

The official currency of Rafghanistan is the Rafghani.


The Rafghan military is divided into two groups: the army and the navy. It has never been called into battle.

The navy consists of three ranks, each of which has three sub ranks. The three ranks are seaman, officer, and chief. The three sub ranks are 3rd class, 2nd class, and 1st class. To advance in a rank or sub rank, the sailor must be advanced at the will of their superior. Each officer commands a small vessel and 20 seamen. Each chief commands a large vessel and 10 officers, able to be called upon, along with their 20 seamen, to man their vessel. However, the cheif's vessel is usually in dock and rarely used. Cheifs will mainly make sure officers do their job and advances their rank. There is also one other level, Navy Captain. The Navy Captain is chosen from the cheifs by the king. The position is held until the Navy Captain wishes to resign. The current Navy Captain is Chad II.


Rafghanistan was officially founded on March 29, 2012, and then decided the major governmental positions, secretary-general and prime minister. For two months, parliament candidates announced their plans to run and campaigned in local areas and on the Internet to all Rafghan citizens. Also, rafghanistan claimed a new state, Marie Byrd Island, with a landmass approximately 1.5 million miles, but no citizens. Over the course of June 2012, Rafghanistan entered a period of great activity, joining the Eran federation due to its small size and the king's dream of it becoming a more important nation in the micronational community, and elections occurred, going from June 1, 2012 to July 16, 2012. On January 27, 2013, King Rafi II accepted the Eranian chancellor's proposal of dissolving the Eran Federation, leading to its demise.

Post-Eran Era

Since it left the Eran Federation,, Rafghanistan has become a totally sovereign nation again, with all governmental decisions to be directly handled solely by the leaders of Rafghanistan.


Rafghanistan is a parliamentary monarchy with a parliament consisting of up to five members who advise King Rafi II, create all laws, and are elected by the people. In addition to parliament,there is one Prime Minister who handles international affairs. For other matters, there is the Secretary-General.The prime minister, the secretary-general, and the parliament are elected. However, for the first election season, the prime minister and the secretary-general we're appointed so the government could accelerate and improve quickly. Rafghanistan consists of five states, each with its own duke or countess who overlooks the laws brought to his or her attention by the people. King Rafi II has the power to make official decrees for the government. However, if two or more members of parliament disagree, a vote will be taken. If it is a foreign policy issue and the prime minister disagrees, a vote from parliament is taken. The same occurs If it is a military issue and the secretary-general disagrees. If no one voices opposition, the motion carries.


Rafghanistan has very simple requirements to become a citizen. To become a citizen, one must just create an account on the official Rafghan forums and create a thread stating their request for citizenship on the forum " citizenship". In addition to this, the king may instantly grant citizenship to whomever he wishes.


In Rafghanistan, yearly elections decide who will be part of Parliament. The elections are yearly, set during the month of June. Each candidate is able to state why they should be elected in May on the government website. The following is a list of Parliament members and their political affiliations.


Kieran I

Daniel I

Cyrus I


Ryan I

Christian I

Legal system

Rafghanistan has a simplistic law code meant to protect the people. If one is accused of a crime, a jury consisting of the governor of the state and two citizens who have not heard of the case decide whether or not the suspect is innocent or guilty. If the suspect is guilty, than the punishment will be decided between the target of the crime and the jury. Unless otherwise mandated by a Rafghan proclamation, all criminal and civil rules and laws are the same as American ones. American cases may also be referenced in a court unless contradicted by a Rafghan proclamation, which overrides all American laws that would apply. They may consult Rafghan law books and any legal literature as they see fit. If one commits a capital crime, the jury will consist of the king and the parliament.

Foreign relations

Rafghanistan is willing to begin foreign relations with any nation that asks. To begin relations with Rafghanistan, please contact Rafi II, with the username Rafimah on the forums.

Rafghanistan has relations with the following countries:

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ASJFHASL.png Kingdom of Carvadia

Tfoeflag.png Technological Federation of Erephisia

DCFlag2.png Westsylvania

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