Kingdom of Pereica

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kingdom of Pereica
FlagPereica.png Emblem.png

Loyalty, Freedom and Individuality
National Anthem:
"Forever Pereica"

Largest City None at the moment

Official language English| Spanish

Demonym Pereicanese, Pereican

Religion Christianity

Government Absolute Monarchy
King Luke Packham

Established Sometime around 2013

– Claimed
(~48 km2 (19 sq mi)2)

– Citizens 800
– Potential unknown. Target is 3000

Currency Pereican Peso Bank of Pereica is creating currency (PNP)

Time zone (UTC -04:00)

Country code PCA (proposed)

Internet TDL .aa (proposed)

Drives on the Left (proposed)

Calling code +510 (proposed)

Date formats Normal Calendar
month dd, yyyyy
National Sport Football

Pereica. Officially The Kingdom of Pereica is a micronation in western South America claiming Isla Mocha off the coast of Chile. The total area claimed is (~48 km2 (19 sq mi)2.


The island was historically inhabited by an indigenous coastal population of Mapuches known as the Lafkenches. It was discovered by Juan Bautista Pastene September 10, 1544, and named Isla de San Nicolas de Tolentino.

According to Juan Ignacio Molina, the Dutch captain Joris van Spilbergen observed the use of chilihueques (a South American camelid) by native Mapuches of The Island as plough animals in 1614.

The Island was regularly visited by pirates from the Netherlands and England. Francis Drake and Olivier van Noort are known to have used the island as a supply base. When Drake was visiting it during his circumnavigation of the globe he was seriously hurt by hostile Mapuches that inhabited the island. Eventually the Mapuche on the island were transported in 1685, from The Island by Governor José de Garro to a reducción on the plain on the right bank of the Bio Bio River called the Valley of Mocha that later became the location of the modern city of Concepcion, Chile.

The waters off the island are also noted as the home to a famous 19th century sperm whale, Mocha Dick. American explorer and author Jeremiah N. Reynolds published an account, "Mocha Dick: Or The White Whale of the Pacific: A Leaf from a Manuscript Journal" in May, 1839 in The Knickerbocker magazine in New York. Mocha Dick was the inspiration for the fictional whale Moby Dick in the 1851 novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville.

Politics and Government

The Kingdom of Pereica is ruled by a King in an absolute monarchy style government.The Monarch makes every decision in the nation although there is the Kings Councillors who advise the King in matters which best appease the population or the best choice for the economy. The King makes all the Laws for Pereica however The King does not interfere in conviction unless he wishes too as that is for the Supreme court of Justice. The Supreme court of Justice is in charge of convicting criminals and dealing with all manners regarding Law.

No decision is decided without prior consent from the King. The Pereican military is also run by the King with the Supreme Admiral, Lieutenant General and Supreme Brigadier general being the higest commanders underneath the Monarch.

Revenue shall come from Taxes, Gambling revenue, Alcohol sales and Marijuana Sales.

Pereican Treaty

The Pereican treaty was formed to protect the environment on the island. The environment is strictly controlled no animals from outside of the country can enter and all animals on the island cannot be hunted and are under the Monarchs protection. Fossil fuels and non renewable resources are monitored and Pereica's settlements shall be run by Geo-thermal power, Wind and Tidal power.


Here all the laws that apply to everyone in Pereica.

Crimes punishable by life in prison. 1. Murder 2. Arson 3. Selling, using drugs (except Marijuana) 4. Fraud 5. Treason 6. Terrorism 7. Smuggling 8. Hunting 9. Any form of abuse 10. Rape 11. Sexual harassment 12. Any form of Slavery

Crimes that are punishable by 15 years in prison. 1. Assault 2. Culpable Homicide 3. Theft (Depending on severity) 4. Car Theft

Crimes punishable by anywhere from 1 month to 15 years in prison. 1. Petty theft 2. House invasion 3. Tax evasion 4. Drunkenness 5. Drink driving 6. Owning guns without a license 7. Selling Marijuana without a license 8. Carrying knives

All drugs are illegal except from Medical drugs for example Paracetamol. Marijuana is legal in Pereica and anyone over 17 can own up to 6 Marijuana plants. Selling Marijuana however is illegal unless you have a license. Cigarettes are also legal in Pereica however you cannot smoke in public areas.

Guns are legal in Pereica and anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a Gun ownership license which allows them to buy a gun. Guns cannot be carried in public and must be kept for self defense purposes and hidden from children. Inspectors will visit your house once a year to check that everything is in order.

If you kill someone and produce enough evidence to prove that it was in self defense then any murder charges and culpable homicide charges will be withdrawn from your sentence and no jail time will be served. If evidence that is produced is not enough to prove your innocence then you will serve 15 years in jail for culpable homicide or life for murder.

International Relations

The Kingdom of Pereica recognises all countries that the United States recognises.

The Kingdom of Pereica also recognises two micronations and These are the Covanese Republic and the Kingdom of Ruthenia.

Pereica is in a developmental alliance with the Covanese Republic since 2014.

Pereica and Ruthenia have recognised each other. Here is the official document

Kingdom of Ruthenia, November 24, 2014. Summer Residence, Alto da Solidão.



The micronations signatories of this treaty, through their representatives as well as a proof of good will existing between them, has formally agree on the following points:

Article 1. The two micronations mutually decide to acknowledge their existence as legal and constitutional micronations with full sovereignty and independence.

Article 2. Both micronations within the micronational scope, decide to mutually recognize and respect their symbols, territories, institutions and legal system.

Article 3. Both micronations manifested its willingness to continue its diplomatic contacts and develop friendly relations and mutual cooperation as a means of developing their institutions and citizens, and therefore the micronational and general level, keeping a permanent channel of communication through of their sovereigns and also its diplomats, including relying on mutually ticket micronational organisms which may be or are active members.

Article 4. Both are micronations itself to make public the treaty signing their own citizenship and micronational diplomatic circles, embedding it on your official website and/or forum with relevant information, by taking immediate opening of embassies.



Count of Götzö, Lord of Alto da Solidão,
Hereditary Prince of Água Branca and Other Domains,

Prince of the Land of Saint Stephen and Duke of the Land of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Grand Master of the Royal Order of Saint Stephen and of the Order of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.