Kingdom of Ongwanada

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The Kingdom of Ongwanada
Flag of Eggweg (2).png Flag

Long live The King,
Largest cityFt Bigras (Jaax town) (By population) Ft Dealvi (By size)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentElected Constitutional Monarchy
- MonarchAustin Jaax
- Grand DukeMohammed Dealvi
- PriminsterSierra Babado
Established15 July 2015
Disestablished15 February 2018
Population7 (2017)
CurrencyOngwanadan Dollar
National sportHockey
National drinkNestea
National animalCat

The Kingdom of Ongeanada was a self declared micronation in Kingston, Canada. It was created because the people that created it felt that they could do a better job at running the government.


The Kingdom of Ongwanada was created on The 15th of July 2015 by Austin Jaax, Sierra Babado, Joshawha Comdom, and Merrick Babado which are the founding members. Development of The Kingdom of Ongwanada started in may of that year it was partially inspired by Liberland. After the declaration of independence Ongwanada was run by a committee of Austin Jaax,Sierra Babado, Joshawa Comdon and Haiden Borkson whom worked on the provinces of Ongwanda and recognition. The first Election was held on Augset 7th 2015 with Sierra Babdo vs Joshuwa Comdom with Sierra gaining 4 out of 5 votes crowning herself Queen Sierra of Ongwanada, he reign however was disproved as people began to notice that she was power hungry and became a de facto absolute monarch, which caused Merrick Babado her brother to rebel against her capturing Fort Bigras now (Jaax Town) but was crushed by Sierras army, Merrick in response quit Ongwanada as she weakened the powers of the title of Prince which was held By Austin Jaax and Joshua Comdon. On the 22nd of September Austian Jaax and Mohammed Dealvi were talking on a school trip when they discussed about Ongwanada and how bad Sierras reign was and thats when Mohammed said that maybe we should have a revolution and that's when planning started. On the 14th of October 2017 Austin Jaax,Mohammed Dealvi,Haiden Borkson, and Micheal Sujaka signed a declaration of The 2nd Kingdom of Ongwanada and presented it to Sierra Babado, she refused the declaration 2 times but on the 3rd time she agreed as long as she can be Prime Minster of Ongwanada and it was agreed by the committee. After that Jaax wrote the constitution while eating a sandwich which was unanimously ratified,after that the 1st election was held with Sierra Babado running for the Anarchist party, Austin Jaax running for the Socialist party, and haiden Broskon for The Conservative party, with the class of Austin Jaax participating Austin Jaax won by 1 vote in which Sirea Babado reacted by pouting. The 1st session in The House of Lords and only sesion happend on December 21, 2017 which resulted in agreement of the tax bill in Ongwanada. But people were un happy at hoe un stable Ongwanada was so Jaax was quietly working on a more stable state that was more socialist and that became The Iustus State, and on Febuary 14th 2018 Austin Jaax and the House of Lords voted to disband The House of Lords and on February 15, 2018 The Iustus State was born.

The Ongwanadan civil war

The Ongwanadan civil war was a conflict that occurred in The Kingdom of Ongwnada between August 29, 2015 - September 2, 2015, the reasons why the conflict occurred was the increasingly power hungry Sierra Babado, the border disputes between provinces, and the incompetence of The House of Lords. On August 29, 2015 Merrick Babado along with Austin Jaax rebelled against Sierra Babado after a vote in The House of Commons in which 2-2-1 was the results, Merrick and Austin went and captured Fort Bigras and then Austin swept north to defend Fort Merrick, Sierra engaged in battle with Jaax in which the battle was in indesivise, Austn advanced north hoping to capture Qurion land modern (Fort Dealvi) but failed at the battle of Quirion in which Jaax retreated to find that Fort Merrick had been destroyed by Sierras forces (not citizens) which caused Jaax to retreat to defend Fort Bigras (Jaax town) which Sierra won with the spears that she had, Austin and Merrick retreated out of Ongwanada to plan on how to win the war, they concluded that it was impossible and they surrender to Sierra Babado, Merrick Babado resigned from all of his positions and tore up his citizenship.