Kingdom of De Witt

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The Kingdom of De Witt
Flag of the Kingdom of De WittDe Witt Coat of Arms

Non ducor, duco. (We are not led, we lead.)
Land of Hope and Glory
Tennessee, USA
Capital cityMemeistrum
Largest cityThe Memeistry
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Southern Baptist
Short nameThe Memeistry
GovernmentAbsolute Monarch
EstablishedMay 1st 2020
CurrencyUSD, The De Wittian (10 DW = 1 USD)
Time zoneUS Central
National sportAmerican Football
National dishSushi Tempura
National drinkRedbull
National animalThe Lion

Kingdom of De Witt website

The Kingdom of De Witt or more commonly known as De Witt is a Kingdom established in the Royal Capital of Memeistrum, Founded on May 1st, 2020. De Witt and it's citizens believe in free use of Internet, Freedom of Religion online, more respect to Memers as people, removal of internet censorship, and free trade of all e commerce and knowledge across the internet. Most Citizens of De Witt follow the Christian Meme Account "The Memeistry."


The Kingdom of De Witt is named after its founding father King Nathaniel De Witt as a little project. The name De Witt derives form the words "The White" in Dutch.


The current Flag of Memeistry was adopted on May 5th 2020. The flag was created by King Nathaniel De Witt. The flag's Blue and White Diamond represents the King's Arkansas roots, The Lion represents Dutch Heritage, The CoA represents the King's heritage of Japanese and Dutch.


The Memeistry Instagram page began on December 30th 2018 named the "Student Memeistry" created by Nathaniel De Witt, the page for a long time in the beginning was private and Nathaniel only allowed people form his church to follow it until August 2019 when Nathaniel changed the Account to the "Bellevue Memeistry" in honor of his Church, by December 30th 2019 a year after its founding the account had around 700 followers. On December 31st 2019 the account was finally renamed to "The Memeistry" after the church got suspicious of the account looking to tarnish their name, Nathaniel had looked to create a "Meme Empire" of sorts controlling multiple meme accounts and YouTube Channels but this dream never came to fruition. On July 29th of 2020 King Nathaniel returned to his Kingly duties over the Kingdom after preparing himself more properly this time. During his return he renamed the Kingdom from Kingdom of Memeistry to the Kingdom of De Witt.

Politics and Government

De Witt consist of a Absolute Monarchy along with a Regency who leads along side the King or Queen (similar to the US Vice President) and a Peoples Council consisting of 3 representatives for each territory and Social Media account. The King usually makes most decisions with or without consent of the Regent or Peoples Council, but if the King wishes he may delegate the passing of Laws, Bills, or Treaties to the Regent or the Council. Most Territories or Accounts have a Governor who passes local bills or laws for the Territories and Accounts, most laws can be override by either National laws or the Peoples Council.


National Ministries are referred to as Memeistries in honor of the King and his Account.

  • The Memeistry of War, also headed by the King, serves as the Armed forces branch.
  • The Memeistry of the Monarch, currently vacant,serves as the Royal Announcement branch
  • The Memeistry of Foreign Affairs, filled by Prime Memeister Totallynothunter, serves as the Kingdom's Foreign Relations branch
  • The Memeistry of Defense, currently vacant, serves as the Kingdom's Defense branch
  • The Memeistry of The Church, currently vacant, serves as the Kingdom's Church relations branch
  • The Memeistry of Tourism, currently vacant, serves as the Kingdom's Tourism branch
  • The Memeistry of Justice, currently vacant, serves as the Kingdom's Juridical branch
  • The Memeistry of Internet Safety, currently vacant, serves as the Kingdom's cyber security branch

Foreign Relations

De Witt has cordial relations with the Nexan Republic and the Internet Union and has an Embassy in the Republic of Ernest


Meme Knights

King Nathaniel is a former 4chan CNN war veteran and a retired 4Chan user, as such Nathaniel has made sure the Memeistry on Social Media is impenitrable to online attacks and harassment, thus he has created a Online Army called the Meme Knights, a group of online Memers and Followers who has learned how to use 4chan tactics to invade, conquer, and destroy internet targets. There is a total of 15 Meme Knights with General "Sir Meme" one of Nathaniel's close friends and fellow memer, Nathaniel has developed the "Memeistry Memetic Doctrine" a guideline of Internet Warfare and code of conduct for the Meme Knights.

Inner Meme Circle (IMC)

The IMC is Nathaniel's intellegence agency and functions along side the Meme Knights to work on operations involving finding account owners, detecting threats online, and ensuring The Memeistry is uncontested in Nathaniel's sphere. The IMC is headed by Director "Regent Meme" another close friend of Nathaniel's and the Regent of the Memeistry, there are a total of 4 spies working for the IMC.

Geography and culture

The Culture of De Witt is a very internet based culture along with a very Christian one, many De Wittians recognize Sunday as a Holy Day and perfer not to work during then. De Wittians are very active on the Internet and as such is why the Kingdoms claim to Internet territories are much larger than real land claims.


Celebrated Holidays
  • New Years (Janurary 1st)
  • Mardi Gras (Day before Ash Wednesday)
  • Ash Wednesday (Based on Moon cycle)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday of Janurary)
  • May The Fourth Be With You (May 4th)
  • Cinco De Mayo (National Mexican food Day) (May 5th)
  • Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter)
  • Good Friday (Friday before Easter)
  • Easter (6 weeks after Ash Wednesday)
  • 4/20 (National Dank Meme Day) (April 20th)
  • Thanksgiving (The Fourth Thursday of November)
  • Black Friday (Day after Easter)
  • Singles Awareness Day (Feburary 14th)
  • Super Bowl Sunday (First Sunday of Feburary)
  • King's Day (Always on the day the King/Queen was born on) (December 30th) (Changes with new King/Queen)
  • De Witt Day (Celebrates the Founding of the Memeistry on Instagram) (Day of December 31st)
  • New Years Eve (Night of December 31st)
  • Founders Day (December 30th)
  • Singing Christmas Week (second week of December)
  • Japanese Culture Day (November 3rd)

Sundays are also recognized as Holidays as well and require companies in the Kingdom to close in observance of these Holidays.


The Kingdom being located inside the Southern US draws much of it's Cuisine from the South, along with this King Nathaniel's Japanese heritage makes Sushi the National dish, Sushi making is a widely regarded skill in the Kingdom. Common dishes may include:

  • Sushi
  • Memphis style Barbecue
  • Burgers
  • Rice (fried, Mexican, and white)
  • Burritos
  • Fried Chicken


While Football is the National sport no De Wittians currently plays it. De Witt has multiple Basketball and Baseball players but not enough to form a League for the nation. De Wittians commonly watch NCAA Football and the NFL along with MLB, NBA, and other NCAA sports. The King is known to be a big fan of Motorsports.

Teams cheered for by Memeisters
  • Dallas Cowboys (King Nathaniel and Regent Sidney are fans of the Cowboys)
NCAA Sports
  • Arkansas Razorbacks (King Nathaniel's first choice)
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs (Regent Sidney)
  • Memphis Tigers (Majority of Residents)
  • Utah Utes (King Nathaniel's second choice)
  • Wyoming Cowboys (King Nathaniel's perfered College)
  • Liberty Flames (Nathaniel's third choice)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (Majority of Residents)
  • Utah Jazz (King Nathaniel's favorite)
  • New York Yankees (King Nathaniel's favorite)
  • Redbull Formula 1 Team (King Nathaniel's favorite)
  • Alpha Tauri Formula 1 Team (King Nathaniel's second choice)


De Witt is very diverse among Video Games played but 2 common games include Minecraft and Call of Duty: Warzone, King Nathaniel perfers Strategy, Racing and City Building games, Nathaniel commonly plays Cities Skylines, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Forza 7, War Thunder, and Apex Legends.


De Witt is very big on Musical preformances, many De Wittians are fans of Disney Musicals, Christian Music is very popular as well Artist such as Elevation Worship, Hillsong, and People & Songs. King Nathaniel is known for listening to American, Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Japanese, Dutch, and Syrian Patriotic, along with Classical music, Jazz, Movie Scores, Traditional Japanese Music, Southern Folk Music along with Metal.


Internet Economics

De Witt has an online Store for Meme account Merchendise, King Nathaniel has considered Expansion of the Shop to include Citizen Documents, Passports, Currency, Flags, and other National Items. The Shop is currently closed due to Covid-19 and the Kingdoms funds running dry, The King plans on reviving the Shop once the pandemic passes over.

Future Internet Economics

De Witt plans on expanding to include a Filming Industry along with On Demand Printing for Shirts. Future Goals of Sponsorship on the Memeistry, and Supporter based services have been purposed.

Local Economics

The Kingdom has been working on establishing tourist based sites along with an Agricultural Industry

Territories and Provinces

City of Memeistrum, consist of De Witt Island, Van Dijk Isles and Castle Memeistrum. the total area is 59903 Sq Ft. The City has a Population of 1


Flags Name Aberration Annexation location Population
The Flag of the City of Memeistrum City of Memeistrum MEMM 5/1/2020 Collierville, TN 1
Flag of the Memeistry on Instagram The Memeistry MMSY 12/31/2018 Internet 1000 not registered


Flags Name Annexation Capital Population
The Flag of the City of Memeistrum Memeistrum 5/1/2020 City of Memeistrum 1
TBD Memeistria 12/31/2018 The Memeistry 1000 not registered
Flag of Discordesia of The Memeistry Discordesia 5/6/2020 N/A 7

National Recognition

The Kingdom of De Witt has relations with a total of 3 nations and has membership in one Organization


Recognized by:



De Witt ranked through all Ranking systems used in the Micronational Community.

  • Goono Power: 5
  • Goono Recognition: 4 or 3
  • Bllibrough-Miles: unranked
  • Boodlesmythe-Tallini: Brick and Motar, Tiny, Community - 6th world
  • Dan's: 6th or 5th world
  • MPI: 2.6
  • CSGC: 2.2
  • Freayth: 3.6
  • Linden Revised: 2.2
  • MDS: 2.5
  • Skywalker: 2.6
  • Sturd: 1.86
  • USB: 3.4
  • MPI: 2.125
  • SJNPI: 3
  • UNC: 6