Kingdom of Maldernia

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The Kingdom of Maldernia
Motto: United we may conquer
Royal anthemGrand Dieu Sauve Le Roi
Anthem: The Song of Maldernia
Official languagesLatin, English, German
Organizational structureAbsolute Monarcy
• King of Maldernia
King Genesius I
Independence from the USA
• Independence Day
February 2nd 2019

Kingdom of Maldernia

Maldernia is a small nation situated in central Arkansas, meaning it has access to the Arkansas swamps and rivers, making it easy to defend in times of emergency. Maldernia was born out of the idea that you do not need weak governments that democracy provides to be able to thrive as a nation, and so far it has worked. In late 2019, a coup took place to oust the king, which seemed unstoppable in the beginning. However, at the battle of New Charles, royalists led the republicans into a trap, forcing them to surrender. The leadership was put under trial and were imprisoned for crimes against the King. Since this event., there has been no major attempt to stop the government, and the people are mostly happy, aside from rabble-rousing communists.

The Monarchy

The Maldernian monarchy has been a staple of it's culture since it was formed. It went from Kaiser, to King, to Grand Duke, and back to King based on the whims of the people throughout the years. The final time that the kinship was declared was when the Duchy of Blumenfrucht was established, making there be one other duchy, meaning that they were a Kingship. Genesius I was the first monarch, and the only one to exist so far.

Government History

Maldernia started out as a constitutional monarchy with an established parliament under King Genesius I. After a long time, however, the troubles of democracy started to rear their ugly head, causing the King to reduce Parliament's role to nearly nonexistent, meaning that the nation was De Facto an absolute monarchy, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Maldernia explains the government in depth.


Maldernia has been in no major external wars, keeping peace on the border.


Maldernia is often criticized for it's aggressive attitude towards communists and the like, as well as it's absence of a constitution. The King sees no need for a constitution if he can run things effectively, so he's never made one, gaining him much criticism.


Maldernia has diplomatic relationships with the Grand Principality of Begon,though no official alliance has been made, they maintain friendly relations. Maldernia maintains a strict anti Communist and Anti Fascist diplomatic view, seeing both of these ideologies as abhorrent, the King refuses to associate with any of them on any terms. His remarks on twitter have been met with hostility, such as the time when he said he was glad the co-author of the Communist Manifesto was dead.

The Commonwealth

The King of Maldernia quickly realized that he cannot keep control of his citizens. So therefore he established The Maldernian Commonwealth, a federation of semi autonomous Commonwealths with the King as their head of state. Citizens in the commonwealth have Maldernian Citizenship, can vote in Maldernian elections, and have the ability to form local governments and militias.