The Commonwealth of Hyëçk

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The Commonwealth of Hyëçk
IMG 20210301...229 037.jpg187px-Peace sign.svg.png

Together We Prosper, Divided We Fall
F***ing In the Bushes By Oasis
Capital cityCaledonia
Largest cityCaledonia
Official language(s)English
Short nameThe Commonwealth
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingHM Anderson I Screenshot 20...6 Ecosia.jpg
- Chair-in-OfficeCH Crawford Haig Screenshot 20...6 Ecosia.jpg
Established1st March 2021
Area claimed1km²
Population20 (as of 2021 census)
CurrencyHulko (¤)
Time zone(UTC)
National sportFootball
National animalThe Dove
Patron saintTBC
The Commonwealth of Hyëçk Is Working To Gain Membership of The Union of Unions.

Government Website[1]


The Commonwealth was set up by King Joel I of Hyëçk to bring alliances closer and to help young nations in the community.

Member States

  • IMG 20210226...558 742.jpg The Kergulen Empire