Kingdom of Elmguard

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The Kingdom of Elmguard
Flag of Elmguard.pngCoat of arms avant.png

Honor & Loyalty
Capital cityElm Castle
Largest cityWhite Tree
Official language(s)English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
- KingWesley I
Established10th of February 2014
Area claimed53sq miles
CurrencyEGD (Elmgardian Dollar)
Time zoneEST
National animalRiver Otter

Official Website

The Kingdom

The Kingdom of Elmguard is a self declared sovereign state. The rumor in its founding is that the current King, Wesley of house Avant "won" the kingdom in an arm wrestling match in 2014 against the now exiled King of Valnor, King Philip of the house Johnson. After winning the kingdom, King Wesley and his lords decided to rename the kingdom of Valnor to the Kingdom of Elmguard.


Its Lands Include The Duchy of Elm Grove, The Earldom of White Tree, The Earldom of Turtle Bay, The Earldom of Black Haven and the North and South Lands of the Crown. Each part of the Kingdom is ruled by a Duke or Earl except for the North and South Lands of the crown which are ruled by the king himself. All its lands are land locked within the Southwest part of State of Florida of the United States of America, except for the Earldom of Black Haven which lies against the gulf of Mexico to the west.


The Kingdom of Elmguard is an absolute monarchy. Ruled by King Wesley of the Royal house of Avant first in his name. The king has absolute power, but to date the king has been fair and just. The king currently has one Duke and three Earls beneath him that help in the governing and defense of the kingdom. The kingdom as of mid 2016 accepts Baron and Baroness titles to be given out to new citizens who bring new land with them into the kingdom. The Duke and the Earls each have Knights beneath them that have small portions of land to manage. Knights are the lowest rank of nobility in the kingdom but are valued and respected members in the kingdom tasked with being the backbone of defense and to be pillars in there community's and throughout the Kingdom.

Houses of the Kingdom

There are five major houses in the kingdom currently and ten minor houses. For a house to gain power it must either be in favor with the King and be granted lands or be brought into the Kingdom with existing lands already in its control. Each major house has a Duchy or an Earldom that it is in control of. Each major house also has two to five minor houses beneath it. Currently all minor houses consist of Knights. Baron or Baroness titles are also given to minor houses but none exist at the moment. The royal house of Avant is the house of the king and his family, the most powerful in the kingdom.


The Kingdom has an army and a coast guard. Every citizen of the Kingdom is required to serve when called upon by there King or Earl. The Army is commanded by The King and the Duke of Elm Grove. The coast guard is commanded by the Earl of Black haven.


On February tenth 2014, it is rumored that the Kingdom of Elmguard was created when King Wesley of house Avant beat his king at the time, King Philip of the now extinct royal house Johnson in an arm wrestling match. After the match the king Wesley, who was only a Duke at the time met with the other lords of the realm and decided that Wesley should be King and that the kingdom should be switched in name from that of Valnor to Elmguard. Shortly there after The King annexed the Earldom of Black haven from the State of Florida of the United States of America, without contest.


The Kingdom currently owns two company's in the goods and services sector. In 2015, King Wesley of the Royal house Avant created a pool & spa cleaning and maintenance service. The company resides within the territory of The Kingdom of Elmguard, however it operates in the Kingdom and Lee county Florida which is part of The United States of America. In 2016 Duke John of house Ward created a security service which is also physically located within the kingdom. However like the pool & spa service it also operates in Lee county Florida located in The United States of America. In order to work in the United States both company's must to pay Lee County Florida a small fee every year to maintain there business license in the U.S.

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