Kingdom of Bepistan

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Kingdom of Bepistan
To be determined

MGMT - Little Dark Age
Countries/States with Bepistanian Claims
Capital cityWhite Island
Official language(s)English, Russian
Short nameBepistan
- KingMatthew Laptev
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established5 October 2018
Population10 Census in 2021
CurrencyBepis Dollar (ɃĐ) BPS
Time zoneEST/EDT
National sportN/A
National dishPineapple Pizza
National drinkMonster Energy
National animalParakeet

Bepistan Official Site

The Kingdom of Bepistan is a micronation founded on 5 October 2018. It is mainly based in NYC and has several claims in Russia. Bepistan is a primarily English-speaking constitutional monarchy ruled by KomradeDoge as king, a Prime Minister, and a unicameral Parliament.


The name Bepistan is a satirical combination of a misspelling of the word "Pepsi" and the ending of many Central-Asian republics like Uzbekistan.


  • 5 October 2018- Bepistan is founded with claims of a small island in Brooklyn.
  • 2 April 2019 — The Bepistan Reform Act is signed.
  • 27 June 2019 — A long period of inactivity starts, lasting for more than a month.
  • 2 August 2019 — Inactivity ends and the government is started up again.
  • 16 August 2019 — The constitution of Bepistan is published and put into place.

Political Parties

These are the following political parties in Bepistan:

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament
Independent IND N/A N/A N/A
6 / 7

Government and Politics

A chart depicting govenrnment function.

The King

The monarch's power is greatly limited by the Constitution of Bepistan. The king can not create laws, and can only veto them twice. If the law is proposed after a second veto, it has to be reviewed by the court. The king can not be removed from the throne unless they themselves decide to quit. If the king resigns, or passes away, the next heir inherits the throne. If there is no such heir exists, the parliament can choose to have an election for the next king, or can decide to place the prime minister as the replacement king.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Bepistan is elected twice a year in winter and summer elections, having a term of 6 months. The prime minister is a member of the Bepistan parliament, meaning they are able to vote. The Prime Minister is in charge of opening and closing parliament meetings and introducing law proposals. The prime minister is in charge of electing the Speaker of the House.

The Speaker of the House

The speaker of the house is chosen by the Prime Minister and must be of the same political party as the Prime Minister. The Speaker of the House is the head representative of the leading party in the parliament, and, like the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House has a vote in parliament.

Bepistanian Parliament

The Bepistanian Parliament is the legislative branch of the kingdom. The parliament consists of the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the House, one representative from each of the kingdom’s districts, and all of the kingdoms’ ministers.

Parliament has the power to establish and decommission ministries at will, and can also appoint justices to the District Courts.

Law and Order

Judicial System

District Courts

The district courts of Bepistan are responsible for handling all criminal and civil cases in Bepistan. The district courts have only one judge overseeing a case. The judge of the district court is appointed by parliament.

Appeal Courts

Su🅱reme Court


Bepistan has several ministries which are used to fulfill different purposes in the country of Bepistan. The ministries are responsible for managing certain areas of the nation outside the direct reach of parliament. Ministries were originally known as departments until the implementation of the Bepistan Reform Act.

Active Ministries

Ministry Emblem Minister Assistant(s)
Ministry of Foreign Relations MOFR
Ministry of Immigration MOI
Ministry of Justice MOJ
Ministry of Labor MOL

Ministry of Foreign Relations

The Ministry of Foreign Relations is tasked with allowing diplomatic representatives into the kingdom, creating and maintaining relations with nations, and to resolve conflicts that may arise between these nations and the kingdom. Ministers of the MOFR are also diplomats for the kingdom.

Ministry of Immigration

The Ministry of Immigration regulates entry into Bepistan, and is in charge of managing the citizenship applications.

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is manages the Copyright Office of Bepistan.

Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Labor holds job applications and assigns jobs to citizens, such as Discord server moderation.

Defunct Ministries

Ministry Emblem Last Minister Last Assistant(s)
Ministry of Economics MOC
Ministry of Transportation MOT

Ministry of Economics

The ministry of economics was established to create laws related to and oversee government spending, taxation, businesses, and the distribution of money in Bepistan. The ministry was dissolved due to the decision that Bepistan would not have an economic system in the near future, and the implementation of the constitution, which meant that all legislative power was given solely to the parliament.

Ministry of Transportation

This ministry directly controlled transportation-related agencies and set laws, procedures, and standards for these agencies, including as BepisRail, the White Island Ferry, and other agencies involving transportation of people or goods in Bepistan. This ministry was shut down due to the decision to hand over control of transportation in the nation to privately owned companies. Similar to the ministry of economics, all legislative power was transferred to the Bepistanian parliament.

Administrative Regions

A region is a territory within Bepistan, usually claimed because of importance to the king. For each region there is one parliament representative, elected by the residents of that region. Each region has its own unique abbreviated code for ease of records and management.

Larger regions are divided into districts, however, only one parliament representative is required for the entire region.

Here is a list of all the current districts of Bepistan along with a flag, associated color, parliament representative, and area:

Name ID Flag Parliament Representative Area in m² (ft²)
Royal Residence RRD BepistanRoyalFlag.png N/A 1,248.22 (13,435.68)
White Island WIL WIflag.png Jayden Lycon 310,601.38 (3343285.43)
LIRR Bay Ridge Branch BRG LIRRFlag.png 586,762.26 (6315856.45)
LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch RBB
SIR North Shore Line and Freight Railroads NSL
Metro-North Port Morris Branch PMB
Montauk Cutoff MTK MTKflag.png
Bay 0 BAY Bay0.png 3,189.73 (34333.96)
Jamaica Bay Islands JBI JamaicaBay.png
Irkaz IKZ NewAluminiyFlag.png 7,765.67 (83588.97)
Datcha DTC DatchaFlag.png 440 (4736.121)
Heavily Approximated
Racetrack Junction RTJ RTUJFlag.png 4,616.33 (49,689.71)
Total Area in m²: 920918.66

White Island

A closer look of Cape Vasya on the southeastern tip of White Island

White Island is a small uninhabited island in Marine Park, Brooklyn. The island was previously shared between Auvenum and Bepistan and was split in half after a personal conflict. After the collapse of Auvenum, The northern part of the island was occupied by Aenderia and was given to Bepistan under the BNZ Expansion Act of 2019.

The island is somewhat elevated, mostly flat with patches of beach grass and sand, and rocks around the perimeter to prevent the shore from being washed away by waves. Its current macronational use is as a bird sanctuary for local bird species. the island was renovated in 2011 and several acres of asphalt was laid in the middle to prevent sand from blowing onto the nearby marine park golf course.

An aerial view of White Island.

LIRR Bay Ridge Branch

Some hopper cars on a private junction for a plastics plant.

The Bay Ridge Branch is Bepistan’s second largest district in terms of area, consisting of an entire rail line from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, all the way to Flushing, Queens, where it ends at a junction, merging with anAmtrak line. The line was opened in 1873 and runs straight through the two boroughs. It is mostly inactive and is seldom used, only by freight trains to deliver goods to factories and warehouses that still rely on the railraod.

Bay 0

Bay 0 is a small beach next to Bay 1 of Brighton Beach. It was at one point completely free of any large rocks, and people swam, sunbathed, and even fished here. After Hurricane Sandy, concrete slabs and rocks were piled here, making the area unusable.


The building claimed for the district.

Irkaz was Bepistan's first district in Russia, in the town of Shelekhov. Thhis district a was origngialy known as Aluminiy, the Russian word for aluminum. The name was changed in early 2021 to match the name of the aluminum smeltery the town is built around. The district consists of an standard, 9-story, soviet-era concrete apartment building, create plentiful and inexpensive housing. Virtually all such building have outlived their period of use, often leading to mediocre conditions. The district also includes the building's lawn and parking lot.


The wooden summerhouse in Datcha.

Datcha is the summerhouse of the King's father, and is a 20 minute train ride away from the Aluminiy district.

The garden, or ogorod, where fruits and vegetables are grown.

This territory consists of a small plot of land with a beautiful, old wooden building constructed in the Russian village style, with fruit trees, a greenhouse, and many small areas for plants to be grown in. Every year, many types of herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested here, including plums, cabbage, raspberries, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mint, dill, carrots, and different kinds of currant. These are later used in everyday foods and soups, and the berries and fruit are turned into preserves back at Irkaz.


Bepistan’s main source of income is the sale of produce farmed in Datcha. Other sources of income include the sale of various items through listings on EBay and Mercari, and from the online merchandise store selling shirts and other collectibles with the flag of Bepistan.

Foreign Relations

Nation Date Recognized Notes
Unilateral Recognition
Catalonia October 2018
Conch Republic 5 October 2018
Liberland 5 October 2018
Republic of Molossia 5 October 2018
Bilateral Recognition
AendereseFlag.png Fifth Aenderian Republic 27 January 2019
Auvenum2.png Second Kingdom of Auvenum 2 January 2020
Not Recognized
Kingdom of Dornamatai 12 December 2018
RODflag.jpeg Republic of Discord 1 November 2018
Previously Recognized Defunct Nations
ObelisFlag.png Dictatorship of Obelis 16 January 2018
Dukenewflag.png Principality of Duke 12 January 2019 Gained after peace negotiations with Jay Clover and Tom Yusuf Kap. Reorganized into Kayutsastan.

National Holidays and Election Dates

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
5 October Independance Day The day Bepistan declared independence from the U.S.
27 October Subway Day The day the first NYC subway line was opened.
31 October King's Day A day commemorating the first King of Bepistan on his birthday.
31 December New Years Eve The very last day of the year.
1 January New Years Day The start of a New Year.

Election Dates

Date Name Positions
1 February Winter Elections
  • Prime Minister
  • Parliament Representatives
  • Ministers
1 May Spring Elections
  • Parliament Representatives
  • Ministers
1 August Summer Elections
  • Prime Minister
  • Parliament Representatives
  • Ministers
1 November Autumnal Elections
  • Parliament Representatives
  • Ministers

Geography and Climate

Bepistan's claims are located entirely in the northern hemisphere, in the continents of North America and Asia. Bepistan's first claim was an island in Marine Park, Brooklyn, New York City. The kingdom later expanded and claimed many abandoned or seldom-used rail lines in the NYC area, and established claims in the Russian towns of Shelekhov and Nizhneudinsk.

Climate data for Kingdom of Bepistan (South White Island, LIRR Bay Ridge Branch, Bay 0
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 3
Average low °C (°F) -4
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 103.6
Source: NOAA

Climate data for Kingdom of Bepistan (Aluminiy, Datcha)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -13
Average low °C (°F) -23
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 13.4
Source: NOAA


Bepistanian culture is predominantly a mix of American and Russian cultures, as they are the two most common cultures in the kingdom.


Typical Bepistanian cuisine is combination of both American (specifically street food from New York City) and traditional Russian cuisines. It includes well known foods including

  • Burgers and fries
  • New York Style pizza
  • Chicken wings (often deep fried)
  • Lamb or chicken gyro from the city's many gyro carts
  • Baconeggancheese (a colloquialism for a breakfast sandwich containing omelet, bacon, and American cheese)
  • Chili-cheese hotdogs, often from Sabrett or Nathan's Famous
  • Traditional Russian Pelmeni
  • Soups and stews, often classic Borscht or Solyanka (A soup made with three types of meat, olives, pickles, and capers, served with lemon slices.)
  • "Fish in a Fur coat" (a dish of pickled herring under a layers of grated boiled vegetables, mayonnaise, onions, and sometimes with grated fresh apples on top. Sliced and served like cake.)
  • Aspic (Meat Jello)

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