Kingdom of Lutenberg

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The Kingdom Of Lutenberg

De regni Lutenberg(Latin)

ממלכת לוטנברג(Hebrew)

Flag Country.png

Coat of Arms The Kingdom Of Lutenberg.png
Coat of Arms

Sicut pisces in Oceanum
Like a fish in the ocean
Pacific Ocean
Capital cityBermorg.png Bermorg
Largest cityBermorg
Official language(s)English, France
Official religion(s)None
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
- PresidentYura Rebane
- Vice PresidentAndrew Korolenko
- Prime MinisterNone
EstablishedSeptember 9, 2017
Population3 (2017)
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zone(UTC+12) Bermorg Standard Time

The Kingdom of Lutenberg is composed of 4 states, a federal district. The country is located on the island of the Pacific ocean. At 12 square miles (18 km2) and with over 3 people. The Kingdom of Lutenberg was founded on 9 September 2017



The main territory of The Kingdom Of Lutenberg is located on the Island and extends into the Pacific ocean. Located near Antarctica. Also The Kingdom Of Lutenberg has several small Islands around yourself


As the country is located near Antarctica, it is present in low temperature reach -40 degrees Celsius in winter and 0 in summer


Basically, the terrain consists of mountains and fields

Administrative division

Country map of the Kingdom Lutenberg

The Kingdom Of Lutenberg consist of 4 States.

Each state has its own Constitution, legislature, Executive and judiciary.

These areas have a deliberative vote and theoretically may terminate or suspend its privileged relationship with Bermorg

State Flag
Kordorj "KO" KO.png
Tortu "TO" 32px
Kermitch "KE" KE.png
Port of Matthew "PM" PO.png